Best Upgrades to Get First in Resident Evil Village

Upgrades are an important aspect of survival in Resident Evil Village. Learn which upgrades should be purchased first with this guide.

With the launch of Resident Evil Village, players around the world will now be experiencing the game and the many upgrades it has to offer. Upgrades, just like in any game with an upgrade system, are vital to survival and story progression. As players progress through the game, enemies will become stronger and more numerous, and the objects and crafting materials obtained throughout the game will become too much to carry at some point.

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There are many upgrades to choose from, including weapon upgrades and inventory upgrades. Players must go into the game knowing which upgrades they should get because the in-game currency known as Lei is fairly common, but gathering enough to make a purchase can take a while, especially in the beginning of the game. This guide will assist players in letting them know which upgrades to prioritize first as they progress through Resident Evil Village.

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Resident Evil Village: Upgrade These Items First

A goat that can be hunted in Resident Evil Village

How to Upgrade Items

Before getting into the upgrades, players need to know is where upgrades can be purchased. In the game, players will meet a strange character named The Duke. The Duke acts as Resident Evil Village‘s local merchant or vendor. Players can purchase recipes, weapons, and upgrades from him, as well as sell any items they want in exchange for Lei. This is where players will come to obtain upgrades.

Upgrade the LEMI Handgun

The first upgrade that is recommended early on is an upgrade for the LEMI Handgun. There are multiple upgrades each weapon can have, but the specific upgrade recommended this early on is the Power Level 2 upgrade. This upgrade will allow players to deal more damage to the enemies in Resident Evil Village, and this is important early on as the LEMI Handgun is relatively weak when the player first receives it. Purchasing this upgrade before any other is pertinent to survival moving forward.

Upgrade Inventory Capacity

The upgrade that is recommended for purchase after the LEMI Handgun is the Extra Baggage upgrade. It is quite expensive at 10,000 Lei, but saving up for it is well worth the effort. Inventory management is difficult in this game, so the more inventory spaces the player has, the more weapons, crafting materials, ammunition, and sellable items the player can carry at one time. In turn, once the upgrade is complete, players can collect more items they need to survive and make more Lei for future upgrades.

Crafting Recipes

The final upgrade that is recommended to get early on is the ability to craft ammunition with any of the ammunition recipes found at The Duke’s shop. Ammunition is scarce, but having the ability to craft your own is ideal to increase the player’s self-sustainability. For instance, once the Shotgun Ammo recipe has been purchased and learned, 3 pieces of shotgun ammunition can be created by using 1x Gunpowder, 2x Rusted Scrap, and 1x Chem Fluid. Another example is the Sniper Rifle Ammo recipe, which creates 4 pieces of ammunition by using 2x gunpowder, 1x Rusted Scrap, and 1x Chem Fluid. Deciding which recipe to purchase first really depends on the weapons which the player has obtained already. However, since the Handgun Ammo crafting recipe is already known by the player, the next recommended recipe to purchase would be the Shotgun Ammo recipe.

Resident Evil Village is a new and exciting game, but as with most survival horror games, power and inventory management seem limited at first. This can be an overwhelming sensation, but with the right upgrades purchased early on, players will be able to progress through the story and survive another day.

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Resident Evil Village is available on PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Stadia.

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