Derek Hough Considers Returning To Dancing Instead of Judging

Now that he has experience as a dancer and judge on Dancing With The Stars, Derek Hough is considering trying to win his seventh Mirror Ball Trophy.

Derek Hough is considering returning to the dance floor on Dancing With The Stars instead of judging for future seasons. As of now, he is set to continue being a judge for the upcoming 30th season. The long-running competition series was recently renewed for the milestone season.

Derek joined the cast of professional dancers during the early seasons of the show. After taking a few seasons off to work on different projects, Derek made his return to the ballroom in 2020 for season 29; however, he turned in his dancing shoes as he took a seat at the judges’ panel. At the time, Derek was temporarily taking the place of Len Goodman on Dancing With The Stars, who could not return to the United States due to travel restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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When season 29 came to an end, it remained unknown whether or not Derek would be returning as a judge for the next season. Back in April, it was confirmed that he would in fact continue judging on the show. Now Derek is making it known that he has not hung up his dancing shoes for good quite yet. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Derek joked that when he saw NFL player Tom Brady win his seventh Super Bowl, he began to consider going for a seventh Mirror Ball Trophy win on Dancing With The Stars. Derek, who has won six seasons of the dancing competition, thought to himself, “Oh no, do I need to go for seven here?” He continued on to say that he always has the mindset of “never say never.

During the interview, Dancing With The Stars‘ Derek was also asked if he feels there is more pressure being a judge or a dancer. He was quick to reply, “Dancer, for sure.” But that does not mean there aren’t challenges that come along with being a judge. While Derek often has a lot of thoughts, critiques and advice that he wants to give the couples, the judges are limited to a short amount of talking time following each performance. On the other hand, this pressure is nothing compared to that of being a professional dancer. The group of professional dancers only have a short period of time to teach the routines to their partners, most of whom have no experience dancing. On top of that, they must choreograph each and every dance, making them stand out from the rest.

As of now, Derek will remain a judge for the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. Just because he will not be competing this season does not mean he won’t make a return to the dance floor in the future. A premiere date for season 30 has yet to be announced; however, it is assumed that it will air sometime in the fall, as that is typically when the show airs.

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Source: Us Weekly

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