Erica Reveals If She Keeps in Touch with Kendal

Erica left Temptation Island alone, but has she taken Kendal back? A fan recently asked about her relationship with her ex and she didn’t mince words.

If there was one couple on Temptation Island season 3 that fans were hoping would breakup—it was Erica Washington and Kendal Kirkland. Erica thankfully broke things off with Kendal after their time on the island had ended, and in a recent Q&A, she revealed that she hasn’t gone back to her awful ex. There were many viewers who questioned whether Erica had the strength to leave Kendal for good, but Erica has proven that she’s ready to move on to bigger and better things in her life.

When Erica and Kendal came to the island, Erica’s self confidence was low. She felt that she didn’t bring enough to the table in her relationship with Kendal, and that she wasn’t as ambitious as he was. However, during their time on the show, Erica focused on self growth, while Kendal focused on having threesomes. After several bonfire ceremonies where she had to watch Kendal cheating on her, Erica was finally over Kendal. At the end of the season, Erica decided to leave the island alone and Kendal decided he might as well leave with his second choice, Alexcys.

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On Instagram, a fan asked Erica if she was friends with Kendal and if she hated Alexcys. Erica replied, “Kendal and I are cordial but don’t speak. There’s absolutely no reason for him and I to communicate anymore.” Fans have always said Erica was too good for Kendal, so they must be happy to hear that Erica has no intention of taking him back. Erica even shared a picture of her with the mystery man she’s been hanging around with and officially referred to him as “bae.

As for Alexcys, Erica said, “To be clear, I never hated Alexcys. I can’t be mad at her for things that Kendal allowed.” Erica was snippy with Alexcys at first on the reunion show. But when it became clear that Kendal had played Alexcys just as much as he did Erica, Erica became more sympathetic. Fans are glad that Erica isn’t taking her hurt out on Alexcys anymore and give Erica a lot of credit for walking away from her emotionally abusive relationship with her ex Kendal.

Erica had a harder time than most on Temptation Island, as she had to watch her then-boyfriend Kendal disrespect her just about every night. But through it all, Erica found her self-worth. During the season, fans were worried that Erica and Kendal stayed together after the show, but Erica finally came to her senses and realized that she deserves so much more than what Kendal was giving her. Erica’s forgiveness of Alexcys also demonstrates the maturity that Erica has developed and the growth she achieved during her difficult time on the island.

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Source: Erica Washington/Instagram

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