Two Iron Fists Unite For Marvel’s Latest Dragon Battle

In the latest issue of Marvel’s Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon, Danny Rand just got a new ally in his battle to protect the Heavenly Cities.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon #5

In the latest issue of Marvel’s Comics’ Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon, Danny Rand has just found a new ally who shares his power in the midst of a dragon battle and the rise of the sinister Hidden City. While the Marvel Universe has long had the Seven Heavenly Cities such as the mystical city of K’un-Lun where Danny was trained, an evil Eighth City has emerged, and its dark hierophant has been sending undead warriors and agents to kill and claim the hearts of the other cities’ dragons, seeking to steal their powerful chi as his own. However, the Hidden City might not be prepared for two Iron Fists in this new issue.

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In previous issues of this new Iron Fist series from writer Larry Hama and artist Dave Wachter, the Black Panther’s General Okoye was seen defending the nation of Wakanda, as the world has been dealing with the unbalance resulting from the dragons’ deaths. As such, the Heavenly Cities were appearing on Earth and one, in particular, emerged right on Wakanda’s borders, leading to the Dora Milaje and Hatut Zeraze marshaling to defend their home from the Hidden City’s undead legions. However, Okoye herself was approached by the Prince of Orphans, an ally of the Iron Fist with a message from the Mother of Mercy.

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Apparently, Okoye has been chosen by the dragons themselves to be their new champion and restore order and balance. However, in order to do that the last living dragon sacrificed itself, giving its power and chi to Okoye much like how Danny Rand got his own powers as the Iron Fist from the dragon Shou-Lao. That being said, it certainly appears to the uninformed Iron Fist and his fellow heroes that Okoye had gone dark, though the Mother of Mercy explained things to Rand just before she was killed by the hierophant. Now, Danny and Okoye have joined forces, hoping that a combination of their dragon chi will be enough to stop the Hidden City and its powerful new Ghost Dragon.


With all the dragons having been slain, the Heavenly Cities are as weak as they’ve ever been and the Hidden City has only grown in its dark power from collecting so many dragons’ hearts. However, it seems as though the ancient dragons themselves have a plan to use Iron Fist and Okoye to restore the balance of the Marvel Universe and the Heavenly Cities, even if it meant sacrificing the last of their kind so they have a chance at defeating the dark Hidden Dragon.

While it’s certainly going to take everything the heroes of Earth of the Seven Cities have, it’s got to count for something that one of the most formidable fighters in Wakanda now has the same power as the Immortal Iron Fist. Here’s hoping the universe’s new warrior duo has what it takes in future issues of the series from Marvel Comics.

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