How to Complete a Point Extraction

Players will fight off increasingly hostile swarms of monsters as they look for valuable Aquarq in this mission type in Deep Rock Galactic.

Speed is the key in Deep Rock Galactic’s Point Extraction missions. As with all missions in the game, players will need to do a healthy dose of digging and excavation to succeed. However, the time pressure of increasingly hostile swarms of enemies makes this a more challenging mission type than it initially seems.

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Caverns are large and open for Point Extraction missions, and the dwarves drop into the thick of things with little information to go on. Basically, they’ll need to collect Aquarq, bring it back to the mining platform, and repeat until they’ve found all the pieces the mission requires. However, Aquarq isn’t sitting out in the open waiting to be discovered. It’ll take a little work to retrieve each piece.

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How to Complete A Point Extraction in Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic Aquarq Location

Right from the get-go, the team should be on the lookout. The main challenge of this mission type in Deep Rock Galactic is the increasingly hostile and frequent swarms of enemies that assault the players the longer they take on the mission. Swarms continue to make assaults while the players search for their quarry.

Aquarq is buried in the ground, so simply wandering around looking for it won’t produce results. Instead, the dwarves need to keep their eyes open and look for speckles of glowing blue crystal that cover some parts of the terrain. These sparkling blue fragments indicate that a piece of Aquarq is buried nearby. The Aquarq can be buried in ceilings as well, so it’s important for players to remember to look up.

After digging and freeing one of the pieces, the player needs to pick it up and lug it back to the mining platform. Aquarq is huge, so it’ll take both hands to carry, which means that teammates will be exposed to enemy attacks while in transit. It will be important to lend support as they make their way back. Depending on the size of the map, players will need to collect between seven and ten pieces of the valuable mineral, so these missions can take a fair amount of time to complete.

As the mission continues, more and more enemies will attack in increasingly violent mobs. Keen observation will be key to make sure all of the Aquarq pieces are collected quickly. Once every piece has been securely deposited into the mining platform, it will launch back to the Space Rig. The dwarves will need to fend for themselves for two minutes while the corporation sends down a Drop Pod to extract the team. Surviving this can be a challenge because, by this point, the enemies are particularly unhappy with the dwarves’ presence in the cave. Once the Drop Pod lands, the team has three minutes to escape.

Point Extraction missions can sometimes be frustrating if several pieces of Aquarq spawn in the ceiling. However, they’re great missions to practice fighting off swarms of spider monsters. Careful attention to the terrain will mean the difference between a celebratory beer on the Space Rig, or an early grave on Hoxxes IV.

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Deep Rock Galactic is available on PC and Xbox One.

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