Monica & Chandler Relationship Timeline, Season By Season

Monica and Chandler compete with Ross and Rachel as the ultimate Friends couple – and they may just win, given that they are actually consistently together for more of the series, and are married and new parents by the time the finale rolls around. Ross and Rachel definitely started earlier, as Monica and Chandler didn’t get romantic until Ross and Emily’s wedding, but they are an amazing pair once they do finally become a couple.

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But where does their relationship start on the show, and which season do they get together, get married, and hit all those relationship milestones that make them such incredible #relationshipgoals.

7 Season 1-4 – Just Friends

For the first four seasons of the series, Monica and Chandler are very much just friends, and they are both pursuing relationships with other people. They do have a few cute relationship-adjacent moments, though, that hint to fans at something more to come. In one episode, Chandler suggests to Monica that they be each other’s ‘back up’ person, and spends time showing her what a great boyfriend he would be. It’s all as a joke, but there’s an undercurrent to it, looking back. They also often seem closer than some of the others on the show, but nothing comes of it… until the end of season 4, when they hook up in London.

6 Season 5 – Secret Relationship

For a large part of season 5, Monica and Richard are sleeping together, but trying to keep it a secret from the rest of their friends. This leads to all kinds of ridiculous hijinks, especially as the gang find out one by one, and it gets hard to keep track of who knows what – and which lies have been told! However, their secret soon comes out, and the latter part of the season sees Monica and Chandler openly dating, and dealing with the usual ups and downs of a relationship. This season does a fantastic job of making a relationship compelling viewing, without relying on fights or breakups to do it, and it’s easy to see how these two are going to end up together.

5 Season 6 – Moving In, & Two Proposals

Friends Monica Chandler proposal

Season 6 keeps things moving with the relationship milestones as Monica and Chandler move in together and get engaged over the course of this season. Once again, the season shows how a relationship can be kept interesting without having to have the pair break up and make up over and over. This season, it’s all about learning to live together (when Rachel figures out she won’t be living there too), and then the huge drama of the proposal at the end.

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This is made even more emotional than a usual TV proposal, because Richard reappears at the very end, when Chandler is trying to make Monica think he isn’t going to propose (even though he is), which leaves Monica with what looks like a decision to make. Of course, her decision was made long before, and she proposes to Chandler in a candlelit scene that is one of the most heartwarming of the show.

4 Season 7 – The Wedding Season

Chandler and Monica wedding dance in Friends

Monica and Chandler continue to hit their milestones in this season, as they get married! Definitely the biggest wedding in the entire series, the entire season is a lead up to the big day, with the actual wedding taking up the two-part finale. Once again, there are some ups and downs, around family to invite, Chandler’s fear of becoming like his parents, and Monica’s Type-A personality taking over the planning, but all in all, this is a season about a couple who love each other taking a big step.

3 Season 8 – Married Life

Chandler and Monica having coffee together

One of the most noteworthy things about Monica and Chandler’s relationship is that it is so straightforward. They have the occasional issue or concern, but for the most part, they got together in London, and from there they ticked every box in the ‘traditional relationship checklist’.

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After moving in, they get engaged, then married, and then there’s a season where not a whole lot happens for them except settling into married life. This isn’t a bad thing, either, as their relationship seems solid, settled, and doesn’t overwhelm the storyline in the show.

2 Season 9 – Long-Distance & Trying For Kids

Chandler comes to Monica from Tulsa

After the relative peacefulness of season 8, season 9 shakes things up for Monica and Chandler a little. One of the biggest changes over the course of this season has to do with Chandler’s work, as he first ends up in Tulsa for his job, and then quits his job to pursue a career that he loves. Their time attempting long-distance is a great arc, as it adds interest to their happy marriage with a situation that isn’t about either of them cheating (although Chandler definitely has the opportunity!). Eventually, though, they are back together in New York, and it’s time for the next milestone – having kids. This is where the series creates another issue for them, as they find out that it is highly unlikely that Monica will be able to become pregnant, and they struggle to deal with the news.

1 Season 10 – Adoption & Moving On

By the finale season of the show, Monica and Chandler are still going strong, and despite the challenges of season 9, they finish up with a season that brings them to their ‘happily ever after’. Much of this season revolves around them being chosen as adoptive parents by Erica, a pregnant woman from Ohio. Throughout her pregnancy, they are excited about their future together, and end up buying a home out of the city to raise their kids… which marks the biggest change this season, that in the finale, they move out of that iconic apartment, ready to start their new life.

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