Paul & Karine Staehle Return To The United States

Karine has posted a bunch of photos on Instagram, which confirmed her return to the United States. It looks like she is super excited to be back.

The former 90 Day Fiance star Karine Staehle has posted a couple of pictures on her Instagram, suggesting that she is back in the United States. Paul and Karine had been living in Brazil since October 2020 with their two sons, Pierre and Ethan. The couple showed a messy relationship on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 5. The Kentucky native could only provide a trailer park house to his wife and their first son in the United States. Karine didn’t want to live in such conditions and questioned her husband’s abilities.

The couple started having explosive arguments, and things got so bad that TLC decided not to include them in the Tell-All episode. The network decided to give them some time to resolve their issues. But it didn’t seem to work. In July 2020, Karine accused Paul of sexual assault and said he held her Green Card. She got a three-year restraining order against Paul. But it was dropped in the next few months because the couple agreed to live together in Brazil. In November 2020, the couple posted lovey-dovey photos on Halloween.

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A few weeks back, Paul informed his Instagram followers that he would return to the United States after his second son’s birth in Brazil. It looks like the couple has finally decided to return as Ethan is now old enough to travel. The mother of two recently posted a few pictures, which have confirmed their return to America. She shared a street showing signage of “Kentucky Kingdom” and “Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center.Karine also shared an adorable picture of her three-month-old son Ethan and tagged the place as “Logan Street Market.” These places are in Louisville, Kentucky, where the couple lived before moving to Brazil.

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Next, the 25-year-old beauty posted a picture of Pierre with his grandmother and Paul’s mother, Edna. This picture was probably taken in their backyard. She also reshared a post by a fan page’s post, which reported the same news. While Karine has been sharing many IG Stories about her arrival, her husband seems to be absent on social media. It is strange because he is quite vocal and often overshares his personal details on Instagram. It looks like he is taking some time off from social media as promised.

Hopefully, Paul and Karine will have a happy life in America this time. Earlier, his wife felt homesick in the new country, without her family. Many fans think that that’s why she made sexual assault accusations against her husband so she could return to her home country. Karine, who recently started a new career, looked pretty happy in Brazil while living next to her mother’s house. Even though fans suggested the couple stay in Brazil, they made this move. It is possible that TLC wants to recast this couple for the upcoming season 90 Day Fiance spin-off, so they had to return to film.

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