What The First Soldier Will Look Like

Square Enix has revealed gameplay for the FF7 Remake battle royale game, Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, including PvE boss fights and more.

The world of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is branching into the realm of battle royale games with Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier. This mobile-only title will give players the chance to use the weapons and magic of FF7 Remake in multiplayer battles on the planet Gaia. Square Enix revealed new details about the FF7 battle royale in a recent livestream, and The First Soldier appears to be an interesting take on the familiar genre.

The First Soldier is a prequel, set 30 years before the adventures of Cloud and company in FF7 Remake. Players take control of candidates competing to earn the admiration of Shinra higher-ups in order to become the first SOLDIER. While there is no confirmed release date for the game yet, Square Enix is allowing registration for The First Soldier‘s upcoming closed beta.

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Square Enix broke down many of the game’s features in a May 7 livestream on its Japanese YouTube channel, including maps, abilities, and character customization. The presenters even commentated and played through a full match, which revealed a ton of previously unknown information about the FF7 battle royale game.

FF7: The First Soldier Battle Royale Gameplay Details

FF7 First Soldier Scorpion Sentinel

The FF7 : The First Soldier features standard battle royale trappings but with a unique Final Fantasy spin. Each match takes place in an ever-shrinking area of Midgar. Players choose a drop location and begin their looting spree across fan-favorite locales, like Tifa’s Seventh Heaven bar and Aerith’s childhood home. The looting seems to be standard for the genre, with various rarities of guns and abilities to find. Gunplay is augmented by several collectable spells and melee weapons familiar to Final Fantasy fans. Spells can be picked up just like weapons and seem to have both a rarity and a leveling mechanic tied to them. Player characters also seem to have a leveling system that increases max HP and MP during the match. There are even chocobos that can be mounted to ride to victory.

Perhaps the most interesting addition to the game is the inclusion of a PvE element. Spread throughout the map are monsters that can be killed for oodles of ultra-rare goodies. Enemies range from packs of lowly Hedgehog Pies to iconic Final Fantasy 7 bosses, such as the Scorpion Sentinel. These boss enemies have large HP pools and will take a time and resources to fell. Luckily, the stagger bar from FF7 Remake makes a return, meaning SOLDIER hopefuls will have windows of opportunity to dish out massive damage. Those who decide to focus down bosses will be showered with high-quality loot – or enemy player squads looking for free kills.

If the gameplay showcased during the event is representative of the standard experience, matches will be roughly 20 minutes long and packed with action. Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier’s fast-paced format, combined with the power behind the Final Fantasy name, just might bring a few new fans into the battle royale fold.

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