Why Kim Kardashian Is Being Accused Of Smuggling A Rare Artifact

Kim Kardashian is clearing up smuggling accusations against her. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star blamed the issue on ex-husband Kanye West.

Star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Kim Kardashian has been working to clear up claims that she smuggled a rare Roman statue into the country. The reality TV star was accused of sneaking the artifact into the US illegally. But according to Kim, it’s just a misunderstanding that finds its source in her estranged ex-husband Kanye West.

Kim hasn’t been known to entertain illegal activity in her older years. Recently, fans resurfaced old lawsuit details launched against Kim and her siblings after singer Brandy accused Kim and Khloé of illegally using her credit cards to make personal purchases. With the suit allegedly being settled out of court, many believe the accusations were true and the famous family financially compensated the Norwood’s to keep the story from spreading at the time. Since then, Kim has worked her way up to becoming a billionaire mogul and international superstar.

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Having to steal or smuggle is the last thing Kim would have to entertain due to how wealthy and powerful she is now, But the KKW Beauty founder was called out after the US government recently filed a civil forfeiture action over claims Kim imported an antique Roman statue into the country illegally, LA Times reports. The court documents were filed in April and claim the five-ton statue is valued at around $750,000. When shipped, it was addressed to “Kim Kardashian dba Noel Roberts Trust” in Woodland Hills. But the rare art piece was seized by Customs and Border Protection in 2016 due to its entry into the US violating the Cultural Property Implementation Act. The law requires that archaeological material made in Italy during the pre-classical, Classical, and Imperial Roman Periods cannot be imported to the US without proper documentation.

During a 2018 review into the sculpture, an archaeologist from Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage claimed the rare item was “looted, smuggled and illegally exported from Italy.” However, once Kim caught wind of the claims, she said she had no idea the sculpture was purchased using her name. Apparently, Kanye purchased the piece under Kim’s name, The Blast reports. With the couple in divorce proceedings with little communication, Kim might not have learned about the smuggling accusations until they hit the press. Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February after nearly seven years of marriage.

Italy’s Carabinieri for the Protection of Cultural Heritage has reportedly requested that Kim have the artifact returned to its alleged country of origin. Court documents say the parcel was flagged in May 2016 and contained “40 pieces of ‘Antiques & Modern Furniture & Decorations Objects’ with a gross weight of [5 tons] and valued at $745,882.” The issue isn’t about affording the pricey art piece. The problem is that proper documentation is required for it. With Kanye allegedly skipping that step, he has put his ex-wife in a bind where she has to fix the error he made. Poor Kim.

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Source: LA TimesThe Blast

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