Why Wyatt Pike Left The Show & What He’s Up To Now

Fan-favorite Wyatt Pike dropped out of American Idol for personal reasons and has been releasing his own original music since he left the show.

The 20-year-old singer and Utah native Wyatt Pike was a fan favorite on this season of American Idol. Wyatt first stood out during his audition, where he sang an original song he wrote for his sister. By winning the hearts of fans and judges with his talent and authenticity, Wyatt made it to the top 12. He unexpectedly decided to stop pursuing this competition and shared the reason for his departure via Instagram.

Just before the first live show, Wyatt decided he would be dropping out of the competition. Host Ryan Secrest announced his departure at the beginning of the show. While sharing the competition results for the week, the host shared Wyatt would no longer be in the running because he dropped out, but American Idol wishes him the best. This came as a shock to everyone watching. After the show aired, Wyatt gave his own explanation of the situation, as people were wondering what caused his sudden departure. 

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Wyatt broke the news to fans in an Instagram caption, where he mentioned leaving American Idol for “personal reasons.” He may have decided to drop out of the competition, but he made it very clear that he has no intention of quitting music. In his caption, he wrote that he is so thankful to play music for the rest of his life. This post was the first time he spoke out about the situation, and his announcement was met with support from other contestants and those who were rooting for his success. The future of his career may be uncertain, but there is no doubt Wyatt has a successful future ahead of him.

Before leaving the show, the judges had only kind and encouraging words to say to Wyatt as he performed. Lionel Richie shared early in the season that he knew something big was coming for the contestant and his instinct was certainly right. Katy Perry and Luke Bryan also shared their love for the contestant, showing that all three judges were true fans of Wyatt’s talent. Just a few days after ending his run on American Idol, Wyatt took to Instagram to share another surprise. He shared he had a new song, “Diana,” available for streaming on all platforms. 

The release of “Diana” is just the beginning for this Utah native. His latest career announcement is sure to be one of many in the future. Along with the new song, Wyatt released a video and acoustic version as well. He has also been sharing parts of unreleased original songs on his social media. His new music has been receiving a lot of support and it seems like there will be more music released soon. Wyatt’s departure from American Idol is evidently only the beginning of what will be an incredible music career.

Wyatt has proven to be a talented singer and songwriter on American Idol. It is unfortunate that his time on the show was cut short, but he clearly has bigger things in mind. Many of his followers on the show are excited to see what is in store for the young artist, and he has gained the support of many fellow American Idol contestants. No matter where his music career leads him, it is evident that Wyatt will have the support of many along the way.

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Source: Wyatt Pike/Instagram

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