10 Best Fights In That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Since its release in 2018, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime has solidified itself as one of the most exciting and well-received anime on the scene. The success of both the manga and the anime has led to a renaissance of similar content that has bolstered a growing library of isekai titles.

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One aspect that makes That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime so popular among fans is the plethora of great fights in the series. When Satoru Mikami is reincarnated as a lowly slime monster in a strange fantasy world, he is forced to fight an unending string of battles against increasingly difficult foes, leading to some incredible battles of epic proportions.

10 Rimuru V. Dungeon Monsters

The first fight of the series occurs in the dungeon where Satoru appears after he is reincarnated as a slime monster. In just the second episode, as the newly named Rimuru is blindly stumbling around the dungeon, he encounters a series of monsters, beginning with the Black Serpent.

After quickly dispatching the Black Serpent with his Water Blade skill, Rimuru goes on to defeat several other monsters and absorb their bodies and skills using his Predator ability. Thanks to the skills he acquires in his battles, Rimuru develops the ability to talk, mimic the shape of other creatures, and a host of other powerful attacks and resistances.

9 Rimuru V. Direwolf Tribe

Rimeru fighting a direwolf tribe in the That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime anime.

Upon leaving the dungeon where he was reincarnated as a slime, Rimuru entered the Great Forest of Jura and encountered the survivors of the Goblin Village. The Goblins implored Rimuru for his help in their fight against the Direwolf tribe, and Rimuru agreed to help prepare the Goblin Village for the impending Direwolf attack.

Once the Direwolves attacked, Rimuru’s assistance proved crucial, as the Goblins repelled the first Direwolf assault with a well-timed volley of arrows. After luring the Direwolf leader into a trap using his Sticky Steel Thread, Rimuru casually dispatched the monster using his Water Blade. This fight was Rimuru’s first test as a military leader and showcased his strategic and leadership capabilities.

8 Rimuru V. Ifrit

Shizue Izawa was an Otherworlder like Rimuru who was summoned by the True Demon Lord, Leon Cromwell. Shizue was badly burned during the bombing of Tokyo prior to her summoning, and so Cromwell possessed Shizue with the spirit of the Flame Giant Ifrit to stabilize her body.

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Upon meeting Rimuru and his followers, Shizue lost control over Ifrit and the spirit took over her body. With the help of Kaval and her band of adventurers, Rimuru was able to defeat the Salamanders summoned by Ifrit after absorbing Kaval’s Icicle Lance and adapting it into Icicle Shotgun. Rimuru then turned his attention to defeating Ifrit, and, after withstanding Ifrit’s Flame Circle with his fire resistance, Rimuru used his Gluttony skill to absorb and store the spirit, forever binding Ifrit to his service.

7 Rimuru V. Survivors Of The Ogre Village

While out on a hunting expedition, the Hobgoblins in service to Rimuru encountered the survivors of the Ogre Village. The Ogre’s quickly defeated most of the Hobgoblins and Direwolves in the party, and they would have likely wiped out the entire group if not for the timely arrival of Rimuru.

Rimuru quickly disabled Kurobe with his Paralysis Breath skill and trapped Shion with his Sticky Steel Thread. He then beat down Souei and resisted Benimaru’s fire attack, and, as a show of force, unleashed his Dark Flame and Dark Lightning attacks to demonstrate that the Ogres could not defeat him. The fight may have escalated further if not for Shuna’s timely intervention, but, even in that short time, Rimuru was able to showcase many of his skills and earn the respect of the Ogres.

6 Rimuru V. Orc Disaster Geld

The Orc Disaster Geld began life as just a common Orc, but, when he acquired the Starving One’s skill, he assumed the rank of Orc Lord and galvanized his kin into a ravenous army of destruction. Geld further boosted his power when he ate the majin Gelmudo, prompting his evolution into a Demon Lord Seed.

To stem the Orc’s advance and prevent further bloodshed, Rimuru challenged Geld to a duel. Relying on his Great Sage skill to analyze Geld’s abilities and determine the best method of attack, Rimuru managed to evade Geld’s Rot attacks while also using his Dark Flame to keep Geld at bay. When none of his attacks proved effective, Rimuru once again resorted to using his Gluttony ability to absorb Geld, defeating him and the Orc threat simultaneously.

5 Jura Tempest Federation And Allies V. Charybdis

The calamity-class Charybdis was resurrected by Phobio after he was tricked by members of the Moderate Harlequin Alliance into serving as a host for the one-eyed monster. Charybdis proceeded to attack the Great Forest of Jura along with a host of flying Megalodons, and it took the combined might of Rimuru and all of his forces and allies to defeat the monsters.

The Megalodons were brought down one by one through physical attacks launched by the Orcs, Hobgoblins, Kinji, and Pegasus Knights from the Armed Nation of Dwargon, leaving only Charybdis remaining. Due to its high magic and physical resistance, Rimuru was ultimately forced to ask for Milim’s help in order to destroy the body of Charybdis and save Phobio.

4 Milim Nova V. Carrion

Milim Nova V. Carrion in That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.

When Milim declared war on Eurazania and challenged Demon Lord Carrion, it was obvious that she was not going to pull any punches, and their battle demonstrated why she earned her nickname, The Destroyer. Carrion and Milim battled in the skies above the Beastman capital city, trading blows with blinding speed.

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Carrion used his skill Royal Beast Form to boost his power output in an attempt to best Milim, but she countered with her own combat form. She then proceeded to destroy the entire Beastman city with a single blast of her Drago-Nova skill before her ally, Sky Queen Frey, took Carrion captive. If she betrays Rimuru and directs her wrath toward the Jura Tempest Federation, then fans are sure to see one of the best fights of the series to date.

3 Shion And Geld V. Shogo

The cowardly attack by the Knights of Falmuth on the Jura Tempest Federation featured three Otherworlders, one of whom was the Berserker, Shogo Taguchi. In his fight with Shion, Shogo initially failed to gain the upper hand due to Shion’s immense physical strength, but, once the Western Holy Church erected magical barriers to sap the monsters of Rimuru City of their strength, Shogo quickly overwhelmed Shion with a flurry of attacks.


Later, Geld got revenge for Shion by pummeling Shogo into the ground while simultaneously tearing him apart with his Rot skill. If not for the timely intervention of the magic-user Razen, Geld likely would have killed Shogo after depleting him of his ability to regenerate.

2 Razen V. Diablo


While Diablo has only briefly displayed his strength so far, his fight with Razen made it quickly apparent that he is now one of the strongest characters in the series. After regenerating from Rimuru’s Megiddo attack, Razen attempted to escape from the battlefield, but he was halted by Diablo and his attendants.

At the start of the fight, Razen was confident he could defeat Diablo, but Diablo easily dispelled Razen’s magic attacks. When Diablo challenged Razen to hand-to-hand combat, Razen felt he had an advantage given that he had taken over Shogo’s physically enhanced body. However, Diablo once again proved Razen wrong by thoroughly beating him with little to no effort, providing the tiniest glimpse into Diablo’s potential power.

1 Rimuru V. Hinata Sakaguchi

Rimuru V. Hinata Sakaguchi in That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.

The best battle in season two so far was the duel between Rimuru and Hinata Sakaguchi, the Otherworlder and Chief Knight of the Western Holy Church. Believing that Rimuru is an evil monster who murdered her friend and mentor Shizue Izawa, Hinata laid a trap for Rimuru to ensure his destruction.

Hinata put down a barrier that sapped Rimuru of his strength before the fight even started, which put him at a serious disadvantage. This allowed Hinata to pressure Rimuru and land a number of hits with her Dead End Rimuru, putting his soul in jeopardy. Rimuru struggled to keep up in his sluggish state, and, if not for a quick move by Rimuru, he would have been obliterated by Hinata’s Disintegration technique. Fans are dying for round two of this fight and are sure to be rewarded at some point later in the series.

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