10 Moments That Show Schmidt Is More Than Just A Bro Type

When the audience first meets Schmidt in the pilot episode of New Girl, it is clear that he is a stereotypical bro type. This does not stop either, as he is arrogant when it comes to his dating life and job. He also acts this way when trying to impress Cece. The douchebag jar also helps build this aspect of his character, as it is apparent that he acts this way enough to be punished for it amongst his roommates.

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However, it is also is fair to note that Schmidt blossoms immensely as the show progresses and becomes a far better person. The people around him are very positive influences, especially when it comes to Cece and Jess. He learns to be his genuine self as the show carries on, while also keeping his silly mannerisms, too. Thus, he is still a hilarious character but one who gains far more substance.

10 When He Throws A TinFinity Party For Nick

Schmidt and Nick enjoying their TinFinity

Nick and Schmidt have a special friendship. Schmidt definitely recognizes and treasures it immensely, as he even plans a TinFinity party as a way to pay homage for them living together for 10 years.

Although they do get into an argument there, the whole concept of Schmidt doing this for Nick shows he is able to appreciate the people around him. Also, they do make up at the end of the episode and celebrate happily.

9 When He No Longer Tries To Be Cool For Benjamin

Benjamin, Schmidt and Jess at the party bus

Jess really goes out of her way to plan a wonderful 29th birthday party for Schmidt. He does seem very appreciative at first, but then he scoffs at the fact that she rents a school bus as his party one. He does this because he is self-conscious about how Benjamin will react to it.

Benjamin is a terrible friend to Schmidt, yet he still wants to be cool enough for him. However, after Benjamin continues to flirt with Jess, Schmidt realizes that he does not care about how Benjamin thinks of him. This is a big step in his character development, as he becomes more authentic.

8 When He Helps Nick Get Dressed Up For His Date

Nick and Jess on their first date

When Nick is about to go on his first date with Jess, he wants to look very good. Thus, he asks Schmidt to help him with his style, which he of course accepts. In fact, he states that it is something he has wanted to do since they met.

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Schmidt going out of his way to his friend look good on his date is quite generous of him. At this point of the series, he is not aware that Nick is preparing to see Jess. In fact, Nick lies about the girl and says her name is Yolanda Winston.

7 When He Tells Cece He Wants Her To Be Happy

Cece trying to FaceTime Buster on cruise

Schmidt makes a lot of mistakes during his beginning relationships with Cece. As a result of this, Cece does eventually move on and starts dating Buster. The group makes fun of her rigorously for dating him, though, as he is very young.

Schmidt even plans a big gesture for her on their cruise, as he does not think Cece is serious about Buster. However, when she tells him that she really wants it to work out with him, Schmidt puts his feelings aside and states that all he wants is for her to be happy. This selflessness on his end is so refreshing.

6 When He Realizes He Wants Real Love And Not Fawn

Schmidt and Fawn as a couple

When Schmidt dates Fawn, it is apparent that he is doing so only to move up professionally. Fawn does not mind this because she wants the same thing from him, as she is a councilwoman.

However, after Fawn says she wants to marry Schmidt to boost her likability amongst the city, Schmidt draws a line and says no. From here, he realizes he wants true love instead. He dumps Fawn after this and shows real progress in the process.

5 When He Proposes To Cece

Schmidt proposing to Cece

Immediately after dumping Fawn, Schmidt tells Nick and Jess that he is still in love with Cece. Jess ends up announcing that Cece is in love with him too, which leads to Schmidt running out of the room to go find her.

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When Schmidt opens the door, Cece is there, as Winston previously leaves the voicemail telling her Schmidt is now single. From there, Schmidt truly breaks from his “bro type” persona, as he pulls out the $5 bill he has from when said he would marry her previously. This gesture of true love leads to him then proposing to Cece and she accepts.

4 When He Takes A Plane To Portland To Get Cece’s Mom

Schmidt stuck on the plane

When Cece and Schmidt are engaged, her mother is not supportive at all. This is truly saddening, as Schmidt continues to try to please her and even orchestrates a Bollywood dance to try to impress her. Yet, it just does not work for him and Cece cuts contact with her.

However, Schmidt works relentlessly to try to get her mom to come, as he sends an array of voicemails complimenting Cece and trying to convince her to show up. He even secretly tries to fly to Portland to get her on their wedding day, which of course leads to him being stuck on it. In the end, the voicemails work in getting her to come, so he does succeed ultimately.

3 When He Makes Nick Realize He Loves Jess

Schmidt makes Nick realize he loves Jess

Nick just does not feel things are working with Reagan, so he literally runs off a train as his way of breaking up with her. Nick does not feel very sad about it, either. In fact, Schmidt goes on to notice that he is more focused on Jess than his actual break-up.

This leads Schmidt to ask Nick questions about this, and he gets real with Nick. He tells Nick that it is clear that he has loved Jess from the very beginning, which Nick ends up confirming. Schmidt’s ability to read the emotions of others is what would make this couple finally get back together.

2 When He Buys All The Flowers For Cece

Schmidt tells Cece she is pregnant

Earlier in the series, the possibility of Cece having children seems rather low. As a result of this, it is absolutely beautiful when Schmidt and the gang find out that she is indeed pregnant. Interestingly and quite fittingly to the show, she is actually the last one to find out.

Schmidt does an extremely romantic gesture to break the news to her. He buys all the flowers at the store and decorates them all around their home. This shows how much he moves past the bro stage of his life, as he never would have done something like this in earlier seasons.

1 When He Becomes A Stay-At-Home Dad

Schmidt and Ruth together

Schmidt is the character in the loft who seems to base his identity on his job profession more than anyone. This is especially the case during the beginning stages of the show, as he is boastful about his earnings at times.

This is what makes him becoming a stay-at-home dad in the final season so refreshing for the audience. He is such a caring father for Ruth, and when he tries to go back to work, he immediately regrets it and leaves again. This is because he misses Ruth so much while there.

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