Battlefield 6 Announcement In June Officially Teased

The official Battlefield Twitter account has finally confirmed that Battlefield 6 will be announced on an unspecified date this June.

In an incredibly brief social media post, developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts have confirmed that Battlefield 6 will be revealed sometime in June. Rumors have run rampant since EA shared 2021 release plans for Battlefield‘s next installment. As many may recall, speculation earlier this year claimed May would mark the time at which fans could expect official details to begin surfacing.

A whole host of other rumors have made the rounds in recent months, as well. There are reports that suggest the new Battlefield will take place during present day; meanwhile, supposed leaks indicate DICE will drop players into a near-future setting. Enhanced levolution features serve as another popular rumor, along with claims that DICE and EA ditched last-gen consoles to focus on builds for current-gen platforms and PC. A recent Battlefield trailer audio leak led many to believe all of the above would soon be confirmed or debunked. However, the wait for an official reveal is set to last at least a few weeks longer.

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Today, the Battlefield Twitter account confirmed news that fans have long awaited – the next installment’s announcement will go live in June. The information itself came in a rhyme-filled post, though several pertinent details are conspicuously absent from the tweet in question. For one, a firm date for the game’s reveal remains a mystery. How exactly DICE and EA will showcase the title is still under lock and key, too. Check out the brief yet effective message in the post linked below:

The June window suggests the Battlefield unveiling is being prepped for E3 2021, which will last from June 12 to June 15. It’s worth noting, however, that Electronic Arts has yet to confirm whether or not it plans to participate in this year’s online festivities. Still, recent tradition dictates the publisher may host a digital event of its own during E3 week. If so, perhaps that is when DICE will lift the veil on Battlefield’s latest chapter?

Apart from the late 2021 release window, very few confirmed bits of information have surfaced about the new Battlefield. EA has teased DICE’s commitment to drastically pushing the series forward in terms of its technical capabilities. In addition, the companies previously divulged that Need for Speed developer Criterion was brought in to help DICE complete the eagerly-anticipated shooter.

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Battlefield 6 will launch on consoles and PC on an unspecified date holiday season.

Source: Battlefield/Twitter

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