Gus Smyrnios’ Age, Height, Job, Instagram & More

Floribama Shore star Gus Smrynios has been the resident bad boy of the show. He’s run away from production, and fought with everyone. Find out more.

Gus Smyrnios has been at the center of much of the drama on Floribama Shore. Gus has clashed with everyone from Jeremiah Buoni, to Nilsa Prowant and even Candice Rice. In previous seasons, there wasn’t as much tension as with the current season, which has led fans to believe he is on drugs. However, emotions can at times be intense, hence Gus’ reaction. While Gus is a work in progress and still working on himself, he has accumulated a few fans along the way.

This season has been especially hectic for Gus. Fans were surprised by his new look and the scar across his face. However, Gus recently took to social media to express his frustration at production at the edit he received during season four of the MTV show. Gus has found himself at odds with Jeremiah over issues viewers don’t exactly understand. The pair even attempted to battle it out for Aimee Hall’s cousin, which naturally didn’t end well. Despite the palpable tension of season 4, Gus has spoken out, saying production is exploiting his issues for entertainment.

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This could be the beginning of the end for Floribama Shore. With Nilsa Prowant engaged and pregnant, Kortni Gilson not appearing in season 4, Floribama Shore may be on its last legs. However, Gus will be fine, as the 5-foot-11 reality star has a whopping 500K followers on Instagram and he has had an incredibly lucrative career. Gus is a model and he has appeared on the cover of many romance books, including Strip Me Bare and Destroying The Biker. So if he does choose to step away from Floribama Shore, he has countless opportunities awaiting him.

Gus isn’t the only cast member who could carve a lucrative career after the show. Jeremiah has been making moves within the social media fitness world. So, they will all be okay if the show ends. The latest format of the show has shown the group in a completely different setting due to the pandemic, and with so many changes happening within the cast, the show might end sooner than expected. The cast could follow in the footsteps of Jersey Shore, and end up doing a Jersey Shore: Family Reunion kind of show in a few years.

Reality TV can take a toll on the stars of the show, and it’s apparent that Gus needs to take a breather and work on himself, and his issues. Gus is a great guy and viewers saw that in season 1 of Floribama Shore when he nervously asked Nilsa on a date. Floribama Shore has been a wild ride for not only the cast but for viewers as well. It will be exciting to see the cast members’ future endeavors when the show ultimately comes to an end.

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