Hitman 3’s Upcoming Free Content Shown In Season Of Pride Roadmap

Hitman 3 has released its new Pride DLC for $4.99, which includes new weapons, a suit, and a new mission based on the seven deadly sins.

A new season of Hitman 3  content has arrived with the brand new Pride DLC. The new DLC is part of a series of paid content drops based on the seven deadly sins, allowing fans just a sliver of new Agent 47 content before he goes away for the foreseeable future to allow IO Interactive to work on new projects.

IO Interactive is currently developing a new James Bond game, but the Hitman developer’s potentially making a new IP, as well. Recent rumors have pointed toward the developer partnering with Xbox to make a new fantasy IP. It’s allegedly in the early stages, but may have multiplayer, if recent job listings are anything to go by. With that said, Hitman 3 will be the last we see of Agent 47 for a while, so fans should soak up this new content.

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The second DLC for the Seven Deadly Sins collection, Pride, arrives in Hitman 3 today for $4.99 (or $29.99 if players purchase the entire collection). Players will get a rather eye-popping new suit, a deadly sniper rifle and sword, as well as a new escalation contract titled “The Pride Profusion” set in Chongqing with unique dialogue and other variables. Hitman 3’s Seven Deadly Sins’ Pride update will also bring all-new free content to the game from May 10 to June 13.

Although it doesn’t seem that IO Interactive will be making new maps or entire missions for Hitman 3, it’s nice to see the team supporting the game long term despite the other massive projects it’s working on. Whether or not IO Interactive has any plans to release any more DLC beyond the Seven Deadly Sins collection remains to be seen, but the studio has previously made otherwise unplanned DLC to keep supporting its games before.

The final installment in IO’s “World of Assassination” trilogy was a major hit with critics and fans alike, allowing Hitman 3 to sell an astonishing amount of copies. IO has already stated it will return to the franchise at some point, but wants to stretch its creative muscles a bit for now. It’s likely that the series will take a somewhat different direction when IO Interactive chooses to return to the franchise, as the team will likely learn some lessons from its new games and much more will be demanded from a new entry years from now. Still, Hitman 3 provided an excellent place for IO Interactive to leave the franchise and go explore new IPs and genres.

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