How To Get Google Assistant To Sing About Vaccines To You

Google Assistant has a new song that encourages people to get vaccinated. Here’s how you can get the voice assistant to sing you the number.

Google Assistant has prepared a new song to encourage everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19 when they can. Since the start of the pandemic, Google has developed ways to help the world cope with and rise above the dangers of the coronavirus. This latest song adds to the company’s ongoing efforts to do so and also blends Google Assistant’s penchant for quirky and fun responses.

Throughout its development, Google Assistant has always prided itself with its more fun ways to spark a conversation with its users. Asking “are you married,” for example, will elicit the following response: “I’m happy to say I feel whole all on my own. Plus, I never have to share dessert.” Assistant also has a list of pop culture references to try, among which is the response “try, I will” if you ask it to “talk like Yoda.” There are various, timely responses that address the COVID-19 situation too. Asking it to sing the Wash Your Hands song, fr example, will play a 40-second lyrical song set to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

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Google Assistant’s latest song echoes that previous one by promoting the benefits and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine. The three-stanza song — which was first spotted by Android Police — is just a simple tune that users can play by asking Google Assistant to “sing the vaccine song.” After the short jingle, the assistant suggests other related terms, such as ‘Centers for Disease Control,’ ‘vaccine for coronavirus,’ and ‘help me wash my hands.’

Is Google Assistant’s Vaccine Song Any Good?

Google Assistant vaccine song lyrics

In terms of song quality, the new jingle comes off as a song written for a grade school science project. It doesn’t help that the song was sung with Google Assistant’s more robotic qualities, making it seem like a text-to-speech reading instead of a song. In comparison, the Assistant’s other songs, like the above Wash Your Hands song, sound more harmonious.

Of course, Google Assistant’s latest musical foray was never meant to be something users can jam to on Spotify. It’s meant to encourage vaccination. In that regard, the song does its job fairly well. It’s enough to call someone’s attention to the fact that vaccines are already available in certain countries. The only problem is getting people to actually listen to it, especially since it’s not that amazing of a song.

Of course, the song isn’t as serious as Google’s other efforts to help the world recover from the pandemic. Last year, the company worked with Apple to develop a contact tracing system for mobile users. Google also worked with governments and agencies around the world to help combat COVID-19 misinformation and to distribute the vaccine. Though the new song might not be a certified hit, Google’s other initiatives have certainly made an impact during the pandemic.

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Source: Android Police

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