10 Best Lifestyle Reality TV Series On Netflix Like Dream Home Makeover

Life and style reality TV is a certain breed of show and contain a certain aesthetic and message behind them. Often bright, happy, and charismatic, they all share one common goal; to help improve someone else’s life a little. Whether it be organizing, enjoying food, helping to improve someone’s well-being, or just showing how good a person is doing. Dream Home Makeover explores the betterment of housing, complete with white bright backdrops for all of their confessionals.

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Viewers love these shows as it makes a great end to their day. They are the perfect background noise during any work from home session. These Netflix series embody the description of life and style to a “T” and are some of the best that can be found on the streaming giant, Netflix.

10 Queer Eye

Viewers love this gem for more than just the five lovely hosts! Queer Eye boasts amazing transformations that the cast seemingly creates out of thin air. Focusing on the person they take care of, the show teaches viewers about culture, wardrobe, hair and grooming, food, and even the renovation of the lucky nominee’s home or business.

Fans enjoy the light openness of Tan, Antoni, Bobby, Jonathan, and Karamo, as their approach to everything keeps viewers entertained from start to finish. In addition to this, the fact that nominees have a specific goal set in mind for the end of their week allows a chance for the audience to connect and mentally work towards that goal with them.

9 Marriage Or Mortgage

Sarah and Nichole laughing on Marriage or Mortgage

Marriage Or Mortgage features Nichole Holmes and Sarah Miller, as they try to convince each couple on how they should spend their hard-earned money. The couple featured in each episode has a set budget that can either be used as an investment for a down payment on a house or for the wedding of their dreams.

Making a decision together, each couple has to decide which is more worth it. This program has all the sparkle viewers can imagine and features, not only great real estate but stunning wedding backdrops, decorations, and dresses. Viewers enjoy watching which path each couple takes on their road to happiness.

8 Get Organized: With The Home Edit

Netflix Get Organized With the Home Edit

Assisting both celebrity and regular everyday clientele, The Home Edit is the business baby of Clea and Joanna. Started completely through social media, the pair now have a book, a blossoming business, and they can add a Netflix deal to that list now.

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Viewers become a fly on the wall as they watch the pair created organized masterpieces. Often doing an entire overhaul of one particular room, the team of Get Organized: With The Home Edit focuses on beauty, function, and form. They make lasting organizational changes, improving the lives of their consumers.

7 Skin Decision: Before And After

Skin Decision

Dr. Shelia Nazarian and Nurse Jamie make miracles happen on Netflix’s Skin Decision: Before And After. The pair have talked about how the plastic surgery industry is changing for the better and how their practice takes on cases that help someone feel better.

Cases where individuals just want to naturally enhance their features. Whether that be removing scars from bullet holes or a simple facelift, their goal is to help patients feel comfortable and feel good about themselves.

6 Down To Earth

Down To Earth sees Zac Efron and his friend and wellness author, Darin Olien, visit different countries, focusing on one aspect of the fight to be more “down to earth.”

Through their travels, they learn about smarter and better ways to handle environmental concerns, like water consumption and plant-based living. They also touch upon what it takes to live a long, healthy life as well as how to live a more holistic lifestyle.

5 Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

A maker of the “spark joy” movement, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo follows the mom and organizational genius as she helps several families across America, who may have cluttered homes.

Through her culture and her organizing systems, she teaches individuals how to let go of unneeded items, while assisting with space-saving hacks for items that are being kept. Through every episode, she even offers a tutorial at the end so viewers at home can follow what they have experienced on screen.

4 Say I Do: Surprise Weddings

Say I Do Netflix

Say I Do: Surprise Weddings comes from the minds behind Queer Eye and delivers beautiful weddings from Jeremiah, Thai, and Gabrielle. These three wedding industry professionals assist significant others with planning and pulling off their partner’s ideal wedding day.

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The heartfelt stories and meaningful vows from the altars are sure to make any viewer feel the love. Of course, being able to look at gorgeous locations, dresses, and decorations also makes this program a big hit.

3 Restaurants On The Edge

Restaurants on the Edge s2 Dennis tries food

Everyone loves to eat great food at amazing restaurants. They bring people together for memorable experiences. However, some eateries do not impress. That’s where Nick, Karin, and Dennis come in on Restaurant’s On The Edge. The show marries re-inventing the decor and atmosphere of the space and creating an incredible new menu to assist struggling owners.

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It definitely hits the mark of that airy bright atmosphere and gives viewers the chance to enjoy the experience of each restaurant from first tasting to final transformation!

2 Selling Sunset

Season 4 cast of Netflix's Selling Sunset (2019)

Selling Sunset features a cast of characters that sell high-dollar real estate in the Los Angeles area. Needless to say, they all live very aesthetically pleasing lives with the large amount of commission they make. Fans enjoy watching the catty drama and stunning portfolio of properties that The Oppenheim Group has to offer.

The group is fun to watch not only for their mini-dramas and angst but also for their lives outside of the office. Whether that be wedding dress shopping or even some crazy party that Christine has cooked up. Come for the homes, stay for the spicy drama!

1 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Chrissy Teigen and David Chang in Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Netflix

Chef David Chang hosts Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, a series that follows him and his celebrity guests to their favorite food cities. He has had major names, like Kate McKinnon, show him around places like Cambodia.

A short series, just four episodes, it offers a mix of both far away lands and western world cuisine. Between the food and drink, there are plenty of laughs and lots of conversation, not only about personal affairs but about the areas they are visiting. Complete with stunning backdrops, what’s not to love.

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