10 Relationships Fans Knew Were Doomed From The Start

Relationships were always at the front and center of The Vampire Diaries. Whether they were for the long haul or not, there was never a shortage of romantic interests for any of the characters. The series was fond of love triangles, making it hard to predict who the supernatural creatures would end up with at the end of the day.

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But in between breakups and makeups, a random party would come in and stir up all kinds of trouble. While some of these relationships had real potential, others were a means to an end. Viewers had no trouble picking up on the romances that weren’t going to last more than a handful of episodes.

10 Tyler And Vicki

Jeremy fights with Tyler and Vicky.

Tyler and Vicki’s relationship was toxic ever since the pilot episode of The Vampire Diaries. The show went out of its way to show the juxtaposition between Tyler and Jeremy’s feelings for Vicki, making it clear who the winner of the love triangle was meant to be.

Tyler and Vicki split up at the beginning of Season 1, but she was turned into a vampire by Damon and killed by Stefan. However, in the series finale, Tyler and Vicki are seen in the afterlife together. It’s hard to believe the two would ever rekindle their old flame, but it’s left up to interpretation whether they did or not.

9 Damon And Andie

andie star vampire diaries

Viewers never bought into any relationship Damon was in unless it involved Elena. His love for her was so strong, that it was laughable to imagine he could ever be with anyone else. There were a few people that Damon grew to care about, and Andie was one of them.

After he stopped compelling her, their relationship felt more equal, but Damon would have dropped her in a second if it meant he could be with Elena. Because of his need to put Elena above everything and everyone, Andie never would have stood a chance even if she had survived.

8 Katherine And Mason

Katherine and Mason in Vampire Diaries episode Kill or Be Killed

Anyone who knows Katherine Pierce could tell that her relationship with Mason was completely one-sided. Katherine uses other people to get what she wants, and it usually involves making men fall in love with her to gain their loyalty.

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Mason was head over heels for Katherine and was convinced that she loved him too. But viewers cared little about this romance because it was obvious how it was going to end. The only person Katherine truly loved was Stefan, and Mason’s death was nothing more than a hitch in her evil plan.

7 Alaric And Caroline

Alaric and Caroline behind building in The Vampire Diaries

Puzzling is the best way to describe the relationship between Alaric and Caroline. It was one of convenience rather than love, even though Alaric did admit to falling in love with Caroline for real. They slept in separate beds and only lived together so they could co-parent their children.

With Stefan set up to be Caroline’s endgame, and Klaus still a fan-favorite option, there was no way that she was going to end up with her high-school English teacher. Not only would it have been disappointing, but it would have been borderline inappropriate.

6 Elijah And Katherine

Katherine And Elijah in The Vampire Diaries.

It’s unknown exactly how long Elijah and Katherine were together in the 1400s, but there did seem to be genuine love between them. After Katherine turned into a vampire, she abandoned many of her morals, and because Elijah is a man of honor, it’s not something he took kindly to.

When they got back together in present day, there was no way that a relationship between them would ever work again. However, it did seem as though Katherine cared about Elijah, which came as a surprise to viewers.

5 Bonnie And Jamie

Bonnie deserved someone who treated her well, and Jamie would have done just that. But her off-and-on relationship with Jeremy and Jamie’s minor role in the series made it impossible for them to ever become anything serious.

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Despite their chemistry, there wasn’t enough of a spark to keep them together for the long haul. They had some cute moments, but compared to Bonnie’s other love interests, they were a low-investment couple.

4 Stefan And Ivy

Ivy wakes up with Stefan in The Vampire Diaries.

Ivy deserved better than what she got, but there was no way the series was ever going to let her live past a couple of episodes. She was created solely to cause conflict between Stefan and Caroline, even though Stefan did that just fine on his own by leaving town and ignoring all of Caroline’s calls for months.

Stefan cares about everyone, and Ivy was no different. But Ivy represented normal to Stefan after Damon died, and even if it was unintentional, he was using her as a way to bury his grief.

3 Caroline And Jesse

Caroline And Jesse in The Vampire Diaries.

Caroline and Jesse had a lot of potential. Jesse was one of the few genuinely good characters to come out of The Vampire Diaries‘ fifth season, and his relationship with Caroline was light and easy. However, that’s what raised a red flag.

None of the romances in the show are anything other than toxic and outlandish, and Jesse was much too pure to compete. Caroline is upset when he’s turned into a vampire and killed by Elena, but after his short arc, he’s never brought up again.

2 Elena And Liam

Elena And Liam in The Vampire Diaries.

Elena and Liam epitomize the subject of doomed relationships. If Elena was ever going to leave Damon for another character, the series would revert back to the love triangle and put her with Stefan. Liam was a random college student who caught Elena’s eye after her memory of Damon was erased.

He didn’t have much personality, and his relationship with Elena felt forced and uncomfortable. They were only together as a way to create more angst between Damon and Elena after Damon came back from the dead.

1 Ben And Anna

Ben and Anna in The Vampire Diaries episode Unpleasantville

Ben was so much of an irrelevant character, viewers didn’t pay any attention to his short-lived romance with Anna. Anna was only using him as a tool and even made him go on a date with Bonnie so they could kidnap her and force her to open the tomb.

There were no sparks between them, as Anna only ever cared about Jeremy. Ben’s death didn’t faze her, and Ben was obviously much more interested in Anna than she was in him.

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