Following Page Not Working & Followers Disappearing

If you can’t see the TikTok accounts you already follow, message friends, or follow new accounts, then you’re not alone in this problem.

TikTok appears to be encountering an issue today with many users unable to use the app properly and specifically when it comes to following accounts and accessing those accounts they already follow. It currently remains unclear how widespread the issue is, or what’s causing it. However, for any user that’s encountering a problem using TikTok today, it is unlikely to be an issue with just their account.

TikTok continues to be an incredibly popular video-sharing platform. While many other social media services have looked to roll out their own TikTok-inspired features, the original service remains the go-to option for many. This can mean that even when an issue affects just a small percentage of the user base, it is still affecting a lot of users.

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Right now, there are a number of reports of issues with the TikTok app. The service has yet to officially confirm a problem, but users have taken to other social media platforms, including Twitter, to report the issue. In addition, Down Detector is reporting a sudden spike in complaints, further confirming the ongoing problem. With no word on what is causing the TikTok problem, it remains unclear when exactly it will be fixed.

Followers On TikTok A Problem Again

Tiktok zero followers

One of the most commonly reported issues so far is the sudden loss of the following list. In some cases, users report all of the accounts they follow are no longer listed as following, while in others, users report that their feeds are simply void of any content. Some users note that not only can they not see any of the accounts they follow or the videos they post, but cannot follow any new accounts either. Instead, they are presented with an error message when trying to follow an account. There are some knock-on effects of the issue as well. For example, some users noting that they are unable to direct message others or share videos with their friends.

This is not the first time a problem like this has surfaced on TikTok. In fact, a similar issue surfaced last week where accounts suddenly lost all of their followers. Whether the latest problem is related to the previous one remains to be seen, but the last one was a glitch and was eventually fixed after some time. Considering the current issue is one that’s very similar to the previous one, it is most likely another glitch and something that will also be fixed by TikTok in due course. In the meantime, any TikTok users experiencing an issue with their feed, followers, or accessing accounts they follow, should not assume it is a problem with their account.

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Source: Twitter, Down Detector

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