Larissa’s Belly Button After Surgeries Confuses Fans

Did 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Lima go too far with her plastic surgery obsession? Fans are left confused by her strange belly button appearance.

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Lima infamously spent over $72,000 on plastic surgery, but the Brazilian bombshell now has fans worried that she has botched her belly button through having too much work done. The 34-year-old mother of two has spent her hard-earned money sculpting her body and altering her face while her two kids live with family in Brazil. Her latest in a series of steamy lingerie shoots served to confuse fans and cause them to raise the alarm about the appearance of her midsection.

Despite having her contract with TLC terminated after she violated it by profiting off of an online lingerie show, Larissa has obtained success outside of the franchise. The former 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star now makes considerable earnings on OnlyFans. To generate excitement for her paid account and earn more subscribers, Larissa enjoys sharing lingerie shoots to her Instagram account. However, fans have not been responding well to the ab surgery Larissa had earlier this year. Many commenters have voiced that her new abs look too artificial and people have worried that Larissa is too obsessed with having plastic surgery.

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One fan took to Reddit to point out that Larissa’s belly button looks concerning in one of her recent Instagram photos. “Larissa’s had so much surgery that her belly button has smoothed all the way out,” the user commented after posting a photo of Larissa in lingerie. The Brazilian has shared many shots of herself in different lingerie sets this week. Many commenters agreed that the appearance of Larissa’s belly button was strange. “I’ve seen innies and outies but I’ve never seen a gone-ie,” one person observed. “Her plastic surgeon was too cheapee to finish belly button,” another person commented. “She went from an outie to an innie to a whathef**kee,” another user expressed.

Some commenters wondered if a tummy tuck was to blame for Larissa’s odd belly button. “She did have a tummy tuck I believe? It’s possible for your belly button to die from that surgery (in the simplest terms),” one person wrote while others wondered if her fake abs contributed to the look. “I was observing her lack of a bellybutton not 30 minutes ago. I was definitely surprised, because I would’ve thought a good cosmetic surgeon would have left her a bellybutton of sorts,” another comment reads. Others lamented the fact that Larissa has changed her appearance so much that her kids likely wouldn’t recognize her anymore. “I’m sure her children have no idea who this person is..,” one commenter said.

Larissa is far from the only cast member to have plastic surgery. The season 8 women discussed plastic surgery procedures during the recent Tell-All and Yara Zaya defended the right for a woman to alter her body to fellow cast member Julia Trubkina. Likewise, franchise staple Angela Deem is currently getting weight loss surgery on Happily Ever After. However, the number of surgeries Larissa has gotten over the years has served to be a cause of concern for some fans. The mother seems far too preoccupied with her appearance while 90 Day Fiancé fans think she should be focused on reuniting with her children after years of separation.

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