Mass Effect 2’s Best Crewmates In Legendary Edition

In Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, players can revisit Mass Effect 2 and recruit several crewmates to their squad. But which stand out from the rest?

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition allows players to progress through the original trilogy, bringing graphics updates and performance enhancements to each game in the series. Mass Effect 2 introduces fans to twelve crewmates, twice the number as was featured in Mass Effect 1. Of these characters only two are returning from the previous game – so how can players decide which are the best?

Combat abilities are not the only thing that should be considered when picking a squad to accompany Shepard on missions. Companions also have unique dialogue and relationship progressions in Mass Effect 2, and they may also react to one another. Each crewmate has a unique opinion on various situations and Shepard will learn more about each character as they fight alongside them.

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Players looking to learn more about a particular crewmate, or looking to progress their relationship in order to gain loyalty or engage in a romance with them, should consider adding them to Shepard’s squad at least once over the course of Mass Effect 2. They should also consider Shepard’s strengths and weaknesses in combat. But when building a well-rounded team, some crewmates stand out from the rest.

Best Mass Effect 2 Crewmates: Miranda

Miranda is obtained near the beginning of Mass Effect 2, so players can start to level her up early on, and in combat she possesses both tech and biotic skills. Her overload ability, which can disable enemy shields, is particularly useful in the starting segments of the game. Given her connection to Cerberus, a major plot point in Mass Effect 2, Miranda is also important from a story perspective and players can benefit from learning about her history and viewpoints.

Best Mass Effect 2 Crewmates: Grunt

Similarly to Wrex in Mass Effect 1, Grunt fills the role of tank in Shepard’s squad. On top of his ability to regenerate health, Mass Effect 2’s Grunt can receive both health and armor boosts, giving him significant combat endurance. With both a shotgun and a melee attack, he is useful as a close-combat fighter and benefits from being paired with a sniper or a long-range biotic crewmate. Grunt’s progression from a blank-slate soldier to one of Shepard’s close companions also makes for a compelling story point.

Best Mass Effect 2 Crewmates: Legion

Mass Effect 2's Best Crewmates In Legendary Edition (4)

Legion’s major drawback is that he is usually obtained late into Mass Effect 2, though this can change depending on player choices. He is a sniper and possesses tech abilities, making him useful against enemy Geth. He also has powerful shields, making him a durable fighter, though players may want to keep him near the back lines in a fight to make the most of his sniper skills. As the only Geth companion in the series, Legion also has a unique perspective to bring to the crew.

Players should consider Shepard’s abilities and combat focus when deciding on a squad configuration in order to make a balanced team. Mass Effect 2 also puts emphasis on crewmate loyalty, which has an impact on story content as well as their skills in combat, so Mass Effect: Legendary Edition players should spend time with every character to ensure they are made loyal.

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