Valheim Nvidia RTX Build Solves Graphics Card Shortage

Unable to buy themselves a real-life RTX 3080 because of the Nvidia GPU shortage, a Valheim player decided to build this wooden replica.

The current graphics card shortage has been humorously solved by a Valheim builder, who created a faithful replica of a Nvidia RTX 3080 in the game. This isn’t the first high-tech creation in the survival title, as one of the more recent in-game builds was a huge statue of the friendly robot Wall-E.

Discovered by a Reddit user, Valheim’s Wall-E build was initially created by a Japanese gamer who unfortunately didn’t provide any additional info on the project. As such, it is unknown whether any cheats or mods were used to make such an amazing statue, but judging by some clearly unreal design features, it’s likely that it took more than just the building mechanics in the vanilla game. It looks incredible either way, being as close to the original robot as possible.

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Unable to buy themselves a real-life RTX 3080 because of the notorious Nvidia GPU shortage, Redditor _-GH05T- decided to build a believable Valheim replica out of wooden assets instead. Using the game’s elaborate building mechanics, the player managed to recreate the 3080’s intricate details and unique shape. Perhaps, the most amazing part of the build is the fan, whose curved design was definitely tricky to pull off since there are only straight assets in the game. Needless to say, the community was astonished by the overall quality of the build. Humbled by the reception, the author admitted that there are slight discrepancies compared to the real thing, but as a one-night build, it works just fine. As other Redditors jokingly noted, it’s the only kind of Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU that can decrease FPS count.

The aforementioned Valheim architect is known for other amazing builds that are generally more interactive and serve actual purposes. One of the recent projects by the player was a modern swimming pool area located in the backyard of a Viking’s estate. It wasn’t just a lonely pool, though, but rather a proper lounge zone, with a couple of sunbeds, a barbeque, a hot tub, and even a bar. Not only that, but a clever lighting design with glowing mushrooms was incorporated in the project, making it look fancy and fashionable.

Hardly anyone could’ve thought that Valheim might one day turn into an unlikely tribute to PC Building Simulator, but there it is with a believable-looking Nvidia RTX 3080 made out of wood. The next step would be to build a whole computer, since it’s probably the only way the majority of players can afford a high-end rig in these difficult days of PC parts shortage. All jokes aside, the unbelievable ingenuity of Valheim builders continues to amaze, and it seems that almost anything is possible in the indie hit survival title.

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Valheim is available on PC.

Source: _-GH05T-/Reddit

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