Xbox Series X/S Adds Original Xbox Dashboard As Dynamic Background

Xbox is bringing back old memories with a new animated background that allows players to bring the original Xbox dashboard to their Xbox Series X/S.


Microsoft is hitting longtime fans with a wave of nostalgia, as all Xbox Series X/S owners can now use the original Xbox dashboard as a dynamic background on their new consoles. Since the first major system update in December, players have had access to a small handful of dynamic Xbox Series X/S dashboard wallpapers with color customization options, but a new favorite for players who have been around since the days of the massive Duke controller may have just found their new favorite.

Microsoft’s first entry into the world of console electronic gaming was a huge risk but a success, and the original Xbox has since has three successors that have kept the newest console line on the block alive and well. The latest Xbox consoles, the powerful Xbox Series X built to match the PS5 and the cheaper-but-still-impressive Xbox Series S, released only months ago in November 2020. Since 2001, Microsoft has built itself as a prime competitor to Sony and Nintendo in the home console and game software market, and it remains the only recent example of a late arrival enduring in the gaming space. Xbox owners that have stuck around since the beginning still have a soft spot for the hulking, green-and-black original, and Xbox seems to, as well, having even reintroduced the Xbox Duke controller for Xbox One back in 2018.

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The new Xbox Series X/S system update has added the original Xbox dashboard animation as a dynamic background entitled The Original. It was first reported by Tom Warren, who shared a video and claimed that Xbox Insider program users were the only ones allowed to use The Original dynamic background. Within the hour, Warren updated his announcement to state that all Xbox Series X/S players have access to the beautiful mess of green.

The background showcases the famous glowing green orb that Microsoft heavily used in its marketing and original Xbox UI. While Xbox players pick between the growing library of Xbox exclusives on their Xbox Series X/S dashboard, they can do so with the familiar comfort of the console that started it all.

To use The Original dynamic background on Xbox Series X/S, players first need to ensure they’ve installed the latest system update. Then they can enter the console’s Settings menu via the Xbox Guide, navigating to “General” and then “Personalization.” Then select “My color and background” and “Dynamic Backgrounds,” where one can finally find and apply The Original as their dashboard wallpaper. It’s a simple nod by Microsoft, but it’s always nice when a company acknowledges where it’s been and pays a little fan service with small nods like this one.

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Source: Tom Warren

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