10 Reasons Barney & Quinn Were Doomed From The Start

Of all the major characters on How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson was by far the one with the most relationships. Barney liked to switch between women very quickly, which made him different from his friends, especially Lily and Marshall. He only had a few long-term relationships on the show. Other than Barney’s marriage to Robin or his relationship with Nora, one of his most notable long-term relationships was with Quinn.

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Quinn instantly became one of the best women Barney ever dated; she was smart, had a sense of humor, and liked to play pranks on others, just like Barney. In many ways, they could have been a great match. Barney recognized this when he asked Quinn to marry him and she agreed. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t work out, and, if one thinks about it, there were clear red flags from the start that this romance wouldn’t have a happy ending.

10 Barney Wasn’t A One-Woman Guy

Barney and Robin kiss in Sandcastles in the Sand

One of the main problems with Barney is that he never was a one-woman guy. Barney liked to keep dating new and new women, ideally a new one each night. Even when he was in a committed relationship, he struggled with overcoming his old habits. For example, when he dated Robin, he had the habit of sneaking out of the bed half-asleep so that they wouldn’t wake up side by side in the morning.

9 Quinn Lured Money Out Of Barney

When Barney found Quinn again after meeting her for the first time and realized she worked as a stripper, he wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. In order to do that, Barney spent a lot of money paying Quinn for her time. When she realized Barney wanted to spend time with her, Quinn kept luring money out of Barney, and he fell for it at first. Any relationship that starts with a lie has a shaky basis.

8 They Moved In Together Too Fast

Considering how secretive and protective Barney was of his apartment, it might not have been such a good move for Quinn to move to his apartment after dating for a short time. Quinn went as far as to sell most of her stuff to be able to live with Barney and not change his apartment a lot. That might have seemed like a good move at the time, but, in reality, it only led to arguments between them.

7 The Prenup

quinn and barney's prenup in how i met your mother

One of the biggest indicators that the relationship between Barney and Quinn wouldn’t last was the fact Barney came up with a prenup when he wanted to marry Quinn.

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A prenup can have its meaning under certain circumstances, but, in Barney’s case, he included completely ridiculous demands in the prenup and wanted to put unusual pressure on Quinn.

6 Getting Engaged Too Fast

Not only did Barney and Quinn move in together too fast, but they also got engaged shortly after they started dating.

As it later turned out, that wasn’t a good idea since Barney didn’t trust Quinn. Things might have been different had they taken more time to get to know each other.

5 Barney Had No Idea What Marriage Is Like

Even though it might have felt like proof that Barney grew as a person when he asked Quinn to marry him, it soon became obvious that he had no idea what marriage is like.

In Barney’s head, he imagined that Quinn would do all the work, wouldn’t put on any weight, would pay him money if she broke the rules he set out for her, and wouldn’t mind if he dated other women. No, Barney was far from ready to be in a relationship. In fact, he wasn’t even remotely close.

4 There Was Always Robin

HIMYM Barney Robin The Last Page

Barney might not have been as obsessed with Robin as Ted was, but he still had a strong bond with her. They dated in the past, broke up because they didn’t work as a couple, though Barney still had a soft spot for Robin.

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Their story was far from finished at this point, so fans suspected that Barney’s romance with Quinn wouldn’t last forever—and they were right!

3 They Were Both Too Stubborn

quinn in barney's apartment in how i met your mother

In many ways, Quinn and Barney were similar. That can be an advantage in a relationship, but, if partners are similar in negative ways as well, it can cause trouble. Barney tended to do what he wanted, and he wasn’t above manipulating people to fulfill his wishes.

As for Quinn, she also wouldn’t budge once she had made her mind about something. As a result, their personalities clashed, and they were both unhappy with each other and their mutual lack of understanding.

2 Barney Was Jealous Of Quinn

Barney And Quinn From How I Met Your Mother

Barney doesn’t usually come across as the insecure and jealous type, but Quinn brought out this side in him. Barney wasn’t happy about the fact that Quinn worked as a stripper. He felt jealous of the men Quinn worked for, even though Quinn assured him it was just that—her work.

1 He Didn’t Respect Her Wishes

Considering his opinion on Quinn’s work, it’s no wonder Barney tried to persuade her to change her jobs. However, when he proposed this idea and Quinn refused because she liked her job, Barney should have respected her wishes. Instead, he tried to give her a fictional job in his company just so that she wouldn’t work as a stripper anymore.

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