Amanda Thinks Kyle & Hannah May Never Mend Relationship

Summer House’s Amanda Batula thinks that Kyle Cook and Hannah Berner’s friendship may never be able to be mended after a very rough season.

Amanda Batula of Summer House thinks that Kyle Cook and Hannah Berner’s friendship may never be able to be mended after a rough season. Amanda found herself stuck in the middle of her fiancé and friend’s fights all summer, and she finally had to let one relationship go. 

Nothing is quite like the sleeper hit that Summer House became. A group of young professionals deciding to rent out a house in the Hamptons after a long week of work was just what Bravo fans needed. The roomies worked extremely hard in their corporate jobs so that they could be granted two days of cocktails at Gurney’s and themed birthday parties at their mansion. 

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But this past season was not all fun in the sun, thanks to the pandemic and the fallout between once close friends. Batula made it clear that she no longer was on solid ground with Berner during the heated reunion. While speaking with US Weekly, the creative mind behind Loverboy admitted that she was not thrilled with where things currently stood, saying, “At this point, I’m more sad about, like, where our relationship has gone vs her being there or not.” 

From Summer House, at sunset Amanda holding a white dog and Kyle in a Loverboy sweatshirt

The 29-year-old was hinting at her wedding to Cook that is set to take place in June. She told readers that since it was their wedding day, she really just wanted to be surrounded by family and friends who truly care for them, revealing that she and Cook want to be surrounded with “happiness and positivity.” However, Batula admitted that she isn’t even sure that Berner would want to attend the wedding since she keeps hearing rumors that her once close friend doesn’t even want to go. 

For Summer House fans, it makes perfect sense that the soon-to-be newlyweds only want people who want to be at their wedding. Weddings are not only expensive, but they are meant to celebrate the bride and groom, not some podcaster who doesn’t know she isn’t funny. Fans will recall that Berner had a feud with almost everyone this season as she claimed Cook was the cause of her fallout with Batula. The comedian also fought with Luke Gulbranson and blindsided fans with an engagement after crying about her break-up with the Montana native. Bravo fans are just looking forward to seeing Cook and Batula’s wedding in the upcoming season since we’ve been waiting two years for the magical day. 

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Source: US Weekly

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