Moon Knight Gets Stunning Peach Momoko Cover Art Ahead of New Series

Moon Knight will be returning in a new series this summer, and Marvel has released a special look at Peach Momoko’s stunning cover for issue two!

Moon Knight is set to return this July in a brand-new ongoing series from writer Jed MacKay and artist Alessandro Cappuccio, and now Marvel has released a first look at superstar artist Peach Momoko’s variant cover for issue two, out in August.

Peach Momoko is part of Marvel’s Stormbreakers initiative, a program spotlighting up-and-coming artists. Momoko recently provided anime-themed variant covers for several Marvel titles. Momoko also recently helped launch Demon Days, a new series that reimagines Marvel icons, such as Psylocke and Nightcrawler, in feudal-era Japan. The series was a hit with fans and critics, and more issues are on the way. Momoko is on fire, and a recently unveiled Moon Knight variant cover keeps this streak going. The new Moon Knight series launches in July and will spin out of events of the “Age of Khonshu” storyline in Avengers, which radically altered the relationship between Moon Knight and his patron god Khonshu. Moon Knight is keeping his former god imprisoned; he has also reevaluated his mission and has returned to protecting travelers in the night, through the mysterious Midnight Mission. It is a bold new look at Moon Knight, and Peach Momoko will be part of it!

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The first peek at the cover comes courtesy of Comic Book Resources and features Moon Knight, looking intense in his classic costume. The space behind Moon Knight is dark and cloudy. There is blood splattered, too – both on the lilies surrounding the character as well as on his costume. It is all starkly set against a white background, creating a striking cover sure to grab fans’ eyes when it hits print and digital this August.

Moon Knight Peach Momoko

Both Moon Knight and Peach Momoko are on the rise. The recently concluded “Age of Khonshu” story revitalized Moon Knight by upending his relationship with the god he had pledged his life to. He has a new purpose and life and his Midnight Mission is the first step. Beyond comics, the character will make the transition to live-action in a Disney+ original, played by Oscar Isaac. Through Demon Days, as well as an endless parade of stunning covers, Peach Momoko has become one of the most exciting artists working in comics today. Marvel knew a good thing when they saw it and were right to include Momoko into the Stormbreakers group.

Moon Knight has been a fan favorite since his introduction almost 45 years ago, and he will be returning with a new monthly series this summer, and superstar artist Peach Momoko has already provided a stunning variant cover for issue two.

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Source: Comic Book Resources

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