Valheim Player Creates Menacing Troll-Driven Tank

The latest amazing Valheim creation is a believable replica of the German WW2 “Tiger” tank, which is being operated by a Troll in the game.

The latest impressive Valheim build is a believable replica of the German WW2 “Tiger” tank, driven by a couple of the game’s famous monsters. Valheim’s titanic creatures usually pose a serious threat to players, but after progressing in the survival title far enough, gamers themselves become the greatest danger.

One particularly inventive Valheim player, tired of Trolls’ menacing behavior, decided to teach the overpowered giants a lesson. After slaying another huge blue monster and collecting its forever-surprised head as a trophy, the gamer forced it to cosplay as Thomas the Tank Engine in a hilarious build. This approach has definitely made the frightening creature less intimidating, turning it into a comedic display of the player’s ingenuity and courage.

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But one Valheim player has recently abandoned the Viking setting, embracing the modern age thanks to an impressive project of a German legendary “Tiger” tank, operated by a Troll and a Lox. Built by the Russian player VIXTOR (although for some reason, shared by Redditor Arreksis), the tank is not an exact copy of its historical counterpart as according to the author, it eventually turned out to be slightly different. Despite that, the armored vehicle is quite impressive, just like other VIXTOR’s projects including a Wall-E statue and a massive Pac-Man game. Judging by a few comments by the author in other threads on Valheim’s Subreddit, the incredible builds were actually created with the help of mods. VIXTOR admitted to using at least one called PreciseRotation, but there could be more considering the intricate shape and stunning details on player’s projects.

Valheim’s unlikely advancement into the modern age thanks to inventive player-built projects is caused by the current content drought, which has been recently addressed by a minor update from Iron Gate Studios. Although the small patch was mostly focused on fixing bugs, it still introduced a few novelties to the game. The most notable additions are revised designs of two bosses and the infamous Troll. On top of that, the update overhauled harpoon mechanics and stabilized the engine’s performance, but the unamused community continues to eagerly wait for the anticipated Hearth & Fire content expansion.

Although Valheim’s builds are only genuinely impressive when created in the vanilla game, numerous mods allow for exploring a whole new universe of endless opportunities. Even though modding the game feels a bit like cheating, it enables features otherwise unavailable in the survival title. Moreover, some of the elaborate building tricks introduced by mods might eventually end up being included in Valheim officially if developers recognize the demand for such sophisticated functionality.

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Valheim is available on PC.

Source: Arreksis/Reddit

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