Where to Find Every Secret Hat in Little Nightmares 2

We’ve compiled a list of the ten collectible hats that can be found in Little Nightmares 2. There are two, however, only available upon pre-order.

Little Nightmares 2 is the follow-up to 2017’s debut title of the same name. In Little Nightmares 2, Mono and Six must venture through horrific 2.5D landscapes, searching for answers they and players have been looking for. Along the way, they’ll come across a bunch of fun collectibles to find. 

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Players looking for all the horror of Resident Evil Village blended with a 2D side-scrolling adventure will love Little Nightmares 2. The only thing the game is missing is the co-op fun of It Takes Two. As mentioned, players will find collectibles as they venture around the world of Little Nightmares 2. Hats will be the most fun to play with as players can customize Mono to make him look as silly or threatening as they please. Here is every hat location in Little Nightmares 2

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Little Nightmares 2: Every Hat Location Guide

Some hats are not easy to spot in Little Nightmares 2; others are right under Mono’s nose. Here’s a complete chapter by chapter guide to every hat in Little Nightmares 2. 

Chapter 1: The Wilderness

The first chapter of Little Nightmares 2 introduces players to Mono for the first time. Confused and alone in the wilderness, Mono must venture through a creepy cabin to figure out how he got there in the first place. Along the way, he’ll meet Six, the protagonist from the original Little Nightmares. There are three hats to find in Chapter 1, one of which is only attainable with the Nome’s Attic DLC.

  • The Coonskin Cap: Head into the house and go through the kitchen. Run down the hallway and turn into the room on the left. There, on the floor, will be the Coonskin Cap. This should be the first hat Mono picks up on his adventure. 
  • The Rain Hat: After escaping the trigger-happy hunter, Mono and Six arrive at a broken bridge. Jump across the bridge and scale a set of cages set in the back of the area. Players should be able to see the Rain Hat in a suspended cage. Maneuver on top of the cage and jump up and down a few times to drop the cage and reveal the hat. 
  • The Nome Hat: Players who pre-ordered day 1 Little Nightmares 2 received a special DLC that kicks in while Mono is exploring the attic area of the house. Complete the DLC to find the hat at the end. 

Chapter 2: The School

It’s back to school for Six and Mono as they navigate halls filled with ravenous porcelain school children and terrifying stretch-neck teachers. There are two hats in total to find in Chapter 2. 

  • The Soccer Hat: Move the dumpster to make it into the playground outside the school. There is another dumpster to the right of the stairs with what looks like a soccer ball on it. It’s actually the hat! Jump on top of the dumpster and pick it up.
  • The Tin Hat: After being separated from Six, Mono will find himself in a library with one of those stretch-neck teachers roaming about. Slide the ladder over one shelf to the right and climb up. The hat will be on the left at the top. 

Chapter 3: The Hospital

The patients in this hospital seem to have all turned into mannequins. Thankfully, these mannequins are terrified of the light and allow Six and Mono to sneak their way past them. There are two hats to find while exploring Chapter 3 of Little Nightmares 2

  • The Bear Hat: There will come a point when Mono and Six must incinerate some toys to find a key. In the toy room, there is a shelf on the right side. Climb up to find the hat sitting up top. 
  • The Mummy Hat: Once Mono and Six have escaped fat spider-man, made it through the air vents, and drop into the morgue, they’ll be able to find the Mummy Hat. Six will send Mono into the other room via a coffin-like vessel. Now on his own, Mono will want to open a door directly left of the exam table. Inside will be the Mummy Hat. 

Chapter 4: The Pale City

Those Saturday morning cartoons just got a whole lot scarier as faceless occupants are glued to their television screens. Warp in and out of TV land to find the three hats hidden in Chapter 3 of Little Nightmares 2

  • Mail Carrier’s Hat: After Mono has learned how to warp through TV’s he’ll end up in an area split by a large hole in the ground. Drop into the hole and head down an air vent on the left. The Mail Carrier Hat will be sitting in there. 
  • The Baker Hat: Eventually, mono will wind up alone in a room with electrified floors. He’ll have to use a shopping cart to navigate without being shocked to death. Before riding the shopping cart down the ramp, push it to the left side of the room and use it to climb up on the shelf. Head to the back-left of the shelf to find the baker hat in the corner. 
  • The Thin Man’s Hat: The hat worn by Little Nightmares 2’s gangly antagonist can be Mono’s upon completing the game. It will appear in the inventory. 

There are no collectibles to find in the game’s final chapter, and players should focus more on learning the truth behind Mono and Six’s grand adventure. 

Other than the ten hats mentioned above, players who pre-ordered the game will have access to the Mokujin Hat, which looks like a tree stump with a flower sticking out. Other than hats, players can also find Glitching Remains hidden around each chapter. They appear as blacked-out glitching versions of Mono and can be collected by interacting with them. There are 18 Glitching Remains in total. Four in Chapter 1, six in Chapter 2, four in Chapter 3, and four in Chapter 4. 

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Little Nightmares 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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