Why Instagram Followers Keep Calling Out Geoffrey Paschel

Geoffrey Paschel says that his critics don’t really know him. Is the 90 Day Fiance alum trying to change his image, one Instagram post at a time?

Geoffrey Paschel is a 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days alum who pursued Russian Varya Malina during season 4, and we’re here to talk about why fans keep putting him down on Instagram. We all know that reality TV fans have power. They can decide who to support and who to metaphorically banish. While Geoffrey (who says he’s slept with over 500 women) does have supporters who are into his looks, there are online critics who would rather he disappeared from the pop culture sphere. These detractors certainly aren’t shy about letting him know that they don’t appreciate his online presence. The thing is (as many franchise fans already know), there are some valid reasons why people might have a problem with him. He’s trying to put the past behind him, but that isn’t easy to do, because the past always casts a long shadow.

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To get at the root of Geoffrey’s issues with franchise fans, we need to travel back in time. In the late Nineties, according to InTouch Weekly, Geoffrey was arrested. He was apprehended in Blount County, Tennessee on drug-related charges. He entered a guilty plea and received a sentence of almost one year. In June 2020, he was arrested again, for domestic assault, vandalism, aggravated kidnapping, and interfering with an emergency call. The incident that led to his arrest happened in June 2019 and involved his former girlfriend, according to USA Today. Due to these issues, plenty of people want Varya to stay far away from Geoffrey (she’s likely single after her Orlando trip, so they may get their wish). However, some critics dislike Geoffrey for other reasons, including his shirtless IG posts and his long-winded Instagram captions.

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Geoffrey can be dramatic, as seen in the @geoffrey.paschel post below, where he drinks from a puddle of water. This Earth Day post was well-intentioned, but some commenters may have found it preachy. In a typical long caption, Geoffrey encouraged his followers to “Get out and pick up trash, turn off a light, take a walk, plant a tree, and help guide your fellow humans to put them on the right path.” However, some people don’t think that Geoffrey is on the right path at all. One snarky IG user remarked, “You’re gonna end up with the sh*ts from drinking out of a stream,” while another began with flattery before turning on Geoffrey: “You are an amazing writer and I enjoy reading your posts but everything you write seems so fairytale and out of touch with reality.” Geoffrey responds to it all with sarcasm, or heart emojis, or whatever.

Geoffrey also sets himself up as the ultimate outdoorsman and handyperson. In truth, the celeb (who once planned to sell his sperm for cash) is outdoorsy and handy, so he’s just being honest. However, his eccentric outdoor activities, including preparing for “the end of our current times” by adding “cold storage,” “booby traps,” and “trenches” to his property and home, do rub some people the wrong way. In the trenches and booby traps post, he grins while wielding a dirty ax and uses a ton of hashtags, including the rugged #sweaty. One commenter said he was giving off “American Psycho vibes,” while another kept it simple with “sketchy.” A cynic then accused Geoffrey of “acting for the camera.”

Geoffrey seems to enjoy flirty exchanges with followers who crush on him. However, he also likes to get into petty battles with his haters. The former 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star is selling his own personal brand on Instagram. As always, some people just aren’t buying it.

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