Amy Poehler’s Making It Is Becoming More Like Great British Bake Off

Fans of Making It and The Great British Bake Off will get a great holiday gift this year as Peacock and Amy Poehler create spin-off Baking It.

Amy Poehler’s hit reality show Making It has frequently been compared to the most popular baking show ever, The Great British Bake Off. From filming in a tent to skipping the competitive drama in favor of showcasing talent, Making It captures the spirit of GBBO in a way that even The Great American Baking Show wasn’t able to. NBC’s streaming service Peacock has decided to lean into the similarities with their new spin-off, Baking It.

Amy Poehler has grown and expanded her resume from actress and comedian to producer and director. She and Making It co-host Nick Offerman, who also starred with Poehler on Parks and Rec, acted as executive producers on the show for makers. Poehler started directing in 2014 on an episode of the TV series Broad City. She went on to direct several episodes of Parks and Rec before making the jump to directing movies. She is currently working on a documentary about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

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Baking It will be a short six-episode season for the holiday season, which unfortunately means a bit of a way for fans. None of the cast has been announced yet, but it is known who won’t be there: Poehler herself. Unfortunately, probably due to her many other projects, Poehler will not be hosting this spin-off. She is leaving that up to “two celebrity friends” (via The Futon Critic), though who exactly those friends are remains a mystery. Poehler is still acting as an executive producer on Baking It, so hopefully the show will maintain the warm, upbeat attitude that audiences love about Making It and GBBO.

In place of GBBO judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, Baking It is going to have a three-person judging panel of experienced bakers, who also happen to be grandmothers. This promises to be an interesting spin on the judging side of things. Nothing beats a warm plate of cookies from your grandmother, but will the bakers be able to impress the grandmothers with their desserts? How harsh are the grandmothers going to be? It will be interesting to see.

Peacock is creating several new spin-offs on top of Baking It. They have announced Top Chef Family Style, which will match kid chefs with an adult family member as they compete to make the best culinary creations, hosted by singer Meghan Trainor. There will also be a Below Deck spin-off, Below Deck Down Under, which will feature luxury yachts in Australia. American Ninja Warrior Junior is moving to the Peacock streaming service for three more seasons, as well. While waiting for Baking It fans can watch a new season of Making It on NBC premiering June 3.

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