An Infinity Stone-Wielding Thor Gone Mad Still Couldn’t Beat Thanos

When Thor lost control after gaining the Power Stone, Thanos was the last line of defense to stop him. The Mad Titan embarrassed the God of Thunder.

Thanos has earned a fair share of victories during his time as the biggest villain in the Marvel Universe, but few were more impressive than the time he took down an Infinity Stone-wielding Thor who had gone completely mad. When the God of Thunder lost control, Marvel’s heroes were left with no other option but to call in Thanos to help deal with him – a goal he accomplished in a devastating fashion.

One of Thor’s most shocking arcs was when he went insane after the powers given to him by Odin started to corrupt his very being. Thor’s insanity led him to fight against his former heroes, while he was being guided by a Valkyrie who was just a figment of his imagination. Thor would successfully steal the Power Stone from Drax the Destroyer, one of the members of the Infinity Watch, and would use it to try to destroy Asgard. Before he could obliterate his home, the Silver Surfer teleported him to the Mad Titan’s lair.

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In Silver Surfer #88 by Ron Marz, Andy Smith, Tom Christopher, Ken Bruzenak, and Evelyn Stein, Thanos takes on the Power Stone-wielding Thor. He exchanges devastating blows with the corrupted hero and goes toe-to-toe with Thor despite not having his own Infinity Stone. After getting hit in the face with Mjolnir, Thanos seemingly leaves the battlefield. When Thor thinks his opponent has fled, Thanos returns with a massive cosmic gun and shoots the longtime Avenger without hesitation.

The gun didn’t fire a bullet but instead trapped Thor in a containment cell that made him completely immobilized, even with the Power Stone. Thor would only be frozen for so long – so Thanos and the heroes fighting against him took his body to Asgard, where Odin would free him from his madness by going inside his mind. Thor would be unbonded from the Power Stone and it would eventually be returned to the Infinity Watch. Thor tells Thanos he’s indebted to him, but both agree he should never step foot in Asgard again.

Even without an Infinity Stone, Thanos proved how powerful he was by defeating one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes who had gone completely mad and wielded the Power Stone. Thor’s anger made him a nearly unstoppable force, but thanks to quick thinking and a powerful weapon that immediately immobilized the God of thunder, Thanos stopped him before he could destroy Asgard or kill any heroes. In this case, Thanos showed what a great warrior he was even without the ability to control reality.

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