Anna Duggar Shares Poorly Timed Photo With Josh

19 Kids and Counting’s Anna Duggar decided to share a poorly timed picture of her husband Josh Duggar on Instagram amidst his legal troubles.

19 Kids and Counting‘s Anna Duggar decided to share a poorly timed picture of her husband, Josh Duggar, on Instagram amidst his legal troubles. Josh was arrested on April 29 for pornography charges. 

TLC fans have felt that Anna may be a victim in her own life for a long time since this is not the first time Josh has found himself in trouble with the law. The 33-year-old has been charged with downloading and possessing child pornography. The images depicted the sexual abuse of children, including toddlers. In 2015, a police record was leaked after showing he had molested four of his sisters and a babysitter. Two of his sisters have since come forward as victims. Both Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar said he had confessed and apologized.

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In the few weeks since the federal authorities picked Josh up, Anna has been keeping her lips shut. The last the couple posted on Instagram was that they were expecting their seventh child, and it was a girl. But now, the expectant mother has posted what some would say is an ill-timed photo on her Instagram. Her bio states that she is a Christian and “Happily married.” But many would argue the latter. Check out the post below:

At first, the family asked for their privacy since they were going through difficult times, but now a recent image from May 11 showed Josh comfortably at home and playing chess with his son, Michael James. Fans were left feeling uncomfortable since, due to the court ruling, Josh is not allowed to live at home or be left alone with his children. While it is obvious Anna was in the room since she took the picture, TLC viewers felt the photo should have never been snapped. The reality stars’ predatory behavior left definite room for concern.  

The photo was deleted soon after from her Stories. Anna, for her part, has reportedly stopped speaking with most of the family and feels Josh’s parents are to blame for either not helping him enough and not hiding his past well enough. Many fans are unsure how to feel about the whole situation. The 19 Kids and Counting alum seems to be in a life of turmoil, and many hope she opens her eyes and leaves Josh, especially if an upcoming jail sentence is in his future.

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