Candace Rice’s Age, Height, Job, Instagram & More

Candace Rice is a fan favorite on MTV’s Floribama Shore. Outside of reality TV, Candace is an accomplished actor who comes from humble beginnings.

Candace Rice has been a Floribama Shore fan-favorite since her debut in the reality series’ first season in 2017, and we’re about to share plenty of fun facts about her life. Whether she is storming out of the house or sparking dating rumors, Candace has kept Floribama fans on their toes. Candace Rice has a lot going on, whether she’s filming for the reality show or enjoying life off-camera.

Candace Rice lights up the Floribama coast with her effervescent personality that fans can’t get enough of. Candace’s fun-loving nature makes her the life of the party, and her good-spirited disposition helps her to deescalate conflicts between feuding roommates when she has to. Although fans may think they have gotten to know Candace well over her 4-season stint on Floribama Shore, some fans don’t know a lot about her life away from MTV.

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Candace Rice was born on December 29, 1992, in Memphis, Tennessee. This means that Candace has the same zodiac sign as Capricorn Floribama Shore roommate, Kirk Medas. In addition to sharing a Sun sign, 28-year-old Candace shares the same height as her co-star. Both reality stars measure in at 5’8″. Candace has a prestigious career today, but she grew up in a financially unstable household. She learned how to work hard from an early age. According to her Candace Rice LinkedIn profile, the popular celeb attended The University of Memphis from 2012 to 2015. At the University of Memphis, Candace majored in Communication and Media Studies. Candace went on to pursue a career in entertainment. Before starring on Floribama Shore, Candace landed a few TV gigs, from Christmas specials to an appearance on Fear Factor. See her on IG below:

Since she started filming Floribama Shore, Candace has ventured out of the reality TV world to scripted television. In 2018, Candace starred in the TV series short, “Wade’s World”. In 2020, she was featured in several episodes of #Washed, a web series starring singer and actor Terilisha from The Circle. Beyond television, Candace can be found expanding her social media empire. Her @thisiscandacerenee Instagram, has over 350,000 followers, including Jersey Shore‘s Jenni “JWoww” Farley. On Instagram, Candace shares memories from Floribama Shore. She also posts stunning selfies and promotes her body care brand, Yaaganix. On TikTok, she has 27,100 followers and has claimed over 31,000 likes. Finally, Candace can be found on Twitter at @pimpfrydrice, where she has accumulated 65,200 followers and over 9,000 tweets.

Although Candace has claimed to be single this year, there is talk that she is exploring a relationship with co-star Codi Butts. They’ve flirted consistently on the show, but they were determined to maintain a strictly platonic relationship on camera. Recently, rumors of Codi and Candice’s romance have surged, due to a photo that @code_eye10 shared on April 14. See that photo above. The subject of his post (every Floribama Shore cast member is on Instagram) is Codi kissing Candace on the forehead while she hugs him. While fans wait for Candace to confirm or deny the rumors, Codi’s Instagram post seems like a strong indicator that Candace is off the market.

Candace is a constant source of entertainment on reality television. Her life off-camera is full of fascinating facts. Candace has used her legendary hustle to rise from humble beginnings to reality TV stardom. Whether Candace’s future includes a romantic relationship with Codi or another 10 years on Floribama Shore, fans will surely be tuning in.

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