Every ‘Friend Of’ From The Show Ranked

These “friends of” from The Real Housewives of Atlanta brought something extra to the series, but some were more entertaining than others.

The hit reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta features plenty of interesting “friend of” personalities, and we’ve ranked these women for the show’s fans. The ranking starts with the least entertaining female and ends with the most exciting and popular woman. In the Real Housewives lexicon, a “friend-of” is a supporting cast member that doesn’t have a full-time role. However, sometimes, top “friend of” cast members with seemingly insignificant roles create the most drama and controversy. This is particularly true on RHOA, which has featured a long list of “friend-of” stars during its 13-year run.  

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To qualify for this ranking, “friend of” cast members had to fit certain criteria. They needed to attend one of the all-cast trips. They also couldn’t have full-time status at any point. For example, they couldn’t be full-timers who became friends. Examples of full-timers who became friends include Shereé Whitfield, Porsha Williams, and Kim Zolciak-Biermann, as well as “friend” to “full-timer” Eva Marcille. Now that we’ve laid down the ground rules, let’s look at these interesting “friend of” celebs, who got attention without being the series’ biggest stars.

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Demetria McKinney (Season 7)

demetria mckinney RHOA cropped 3

At number six, we have Demetria, who came and went with a whimper, proving herself to be too even-tempered for the other RHOA women. She discovered that her longtime partner, successful producer Roger Bobb (whose works include popular network shows like House of Payne), had been unfaithful on national TV. No one could really blame her for wanting to blend into the background for the remainder of her time on the show.

Tammy Browning (Season 8)

tammy browning RHOA

Number five pick Tammy was an odd choice to join the group since she seemingly had nothing in common with the ladies, other than her longtime “friendship” with Sheree Whitfield’s ex-husband. However, on the Miami cast trip, Tammy invited her volatile nephews to the mansion where the women were staying. Predictably, chaos ensued. Tammy ended up getting pushed down on the floor. This resulted in a concussion that forced her to be carried out of the house on a stretcher. She made no other appearances the rest of the season.

Falynn Guobadia (Season 13)

Falynn is at number four and she made little impact during her brief appearances throughout Season 13, save for a golf-club wielding breakdown against LaToya Ali. What propelled Falynn up in the rankings was the recent news that her ex-husband, entrepreneur Simon Guobadia, is now engaged to Porsha Williams despite backlash from the show’s viewers. Falynn may not have made a splash her first season, but she gets points for bringing what is sure to be the messiest storyline of Season 14.

Tanya Sam (Seasons 11-13)

Tanya is the number three pick and she was a breath of fresh air in the RHOA-verse. Kind, wise, and energetic, Tanya often responded to the dramatics around her with a smile. She attempted to maintain a neutral, noncontroversial presence on the show, and bless her heart for trying. However, Tanya gets major points deducted because she disappeared from the show after being accused of participating in a threesome with Porsha Williams and a male stripper. Part of being a great “friend-of” means never backing down from a challenge.

Latoya Ali (Season 13) 

latoya ali real housewives of atlanta (1)

Latoya came onto the show with the odds stacked against her, and she’s at number two. being the youngest of the group. Newbie LaToya Ali is a social media influencer who is established at YouTube. She had a lot to lose by doing reality TV. However, Latoya quickly cemented a place for herself among the group, bringing controversy and drama to a season that desperately needed it. From her wig feud with Drew Sidora to her questionable friendship with Kenya Moore, Latoya is RHOA gold.

Marlo Hampton (Season 4-on) 

Real Housewives of Atlanta “friend” Marlo Hampton is at number one. Marlo has more seasons as a “friend of” under her belt than most full-time cast members. There was her hilarious fight with Sheree in Africa. Also, who could forget her constantly shifting relationships with her fellow cast members? Marlo is an invaluable piece of the Atlanta puzzle.

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