How Rose Survives Being Cut Up & Put Back Together Again

Saving Rosemary Winters is the main objective of Resident Evil Village, but the youngest winters goes through a lot before that happens.

Resident Evil Village continues the story of Ethan Winters as he and his family try to start a new life in Eastern Europe. It doesn’t take long for things to go awry, when Chris Redfield breaks into the Winters house and murders Mia, then kidnaps Ethan’s baby daughter, Rosemary. Rosemary goes through quite a lot in Resident Evil Village, likely leaving many players wondering how Rose survived.

[Warning: Major SPOILERS for Resident Evil Village ahead.]

Ethan’s goal throughout all of Resident Evil Village is simply rescuing Rosemary. She’s become the focus of a villain named Mother Miranda, so he fights through countless horrors to do so. After beating Lady Dimitrescu and leaving the castle, Ethan finds out a horrific truth: Rose has been dismembered, her different parts stuck in flasks and given to the Four Lords. Under the advice of The Duke, Ethan is determined to gather all the flasks and save his daughter. He eventually proves successful, in a way, but the end of the game raises questions as to how Rosemary actually survived.

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Near the end of the game, it becomes clear that Rosemary has inherited special properties and powers from Eveline, the bioweapon villain of Resident Evil 7. Both of Rose’s parents, Mia and Ethan, had significant exposure to Eveline and the mold. This is especially true for Ethan, as it’s revealed he’s a Molded and actually died at the beginning of Resident Evil 7. Because of this, Rose is basically a bioweapon herself.

How Rose Survives Resident Evil Village’s Dismembering

Resident Evil Village Rose Flask

Eventually, Mother Miranda learned of Rose’s existence and deduced she’d be the perfect vessel to reincarnate her daughter Eveline, who died of the Spanish Influenza in the early 1900s. Eveline, the bioweapon from RE7, was made out of the genetic material of Miranda’s actual daughter.

When Miranda holds the ceremony to bring Eveline back, she seemingly uses the power of the Megamycete, as well as the mold, to reconstruct Rosemary, thinking Eveline’s consciousness would now inhabit the baby’s body. Miranda realizes, however, that it’s still Rosemary Winters, and the ceremony has failed. Essentially, Rose’s powers from her parents and connection to the bioweapon Eveline allowed her to survive the process of being dismembered and reformed, maintaining her own consciousness on the other side. These powers are still at play in the epilogue of Resident Evil Village, as Rose seems to be working with the BSAA to combat bioterrorism threats.

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