How to Find the Code to Beneviento’s Door

Throughout Resident Evil Village players will come across many blocked off areas. This guide shows how to find the code for Beneviento’s door.

There are many disturbing and stressful elements throughout Resident Evil Village that players will come in contact with during their playthrough. The player will spend much of the game avoiding a wide array of dangerous and hostile creatures that will soak up a huge amount of damage before finally being brought down, and most of the time the player will feel fairly defenseless against their enemies. This can lead to it being a pretty horrifying ordeal.

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Without a doubt one of the darkest and horrifying moments of the game is when the player finds themselves locked inside Beneviento the doll maker’s house without their weapons and no obvious way to escape. While in this dark and creepy house the player will come across a door with a combination lock on it and no hint as to what the code to unlock it might be. This means that players will need to discover this code if they hope to make it out of the house anytime soon. This guide shows players how to find the code to the locked door in Beneviento’s house.

Resident Evil Village: How to Beneviento’s Locked Door Code

Resident Evil Village Beneviento House

During one point of exploring Beneviento’s house players will find themselves in a small workshop with several locked doors, no weapons, and a creepy life-sized wooden doll lying on the table in front of them. In order to find the door code for the combination locked door, the player will need to interact with the doll first. The left hand can be inspected in order for the player to acquire a blood-covered ring. After doing that they can then interact with the doll’s right arm, which will grant them the silver key.

The silver key will then need to be used on the door to the left of the doll table, which opens up into a completely different room. There actually isn’t much in this room for the player to interact with except for a small sink in the left-hand corner. The player can turn the water on and then examine the sink to then wash all of the blood off of the ring. After doing so they can inspect the ring and move it around to look at the inscription on the inner portion. Here they will find the code that opens the door in the form of Ethan and Mia’s wedding anniversary. The code is 052911.

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Resident Evil Village can be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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