Hulk Just Became Marvel’s Version of Bizzaro

In Marvel Comics’ Heroes Reborn, the Incredible Hulk has become Marvel’s version of Bizarro, the twisted clone of Superman who talks in opposites.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Heroes Reborn #2

In Marvel Comics’ latest issue of Heroes Reborn, the Incredible Hulk has become Marvel’s version of Bizarro, the twisted clone of DC’s Superman. In the new event, the entire Marvel Universe has been remade, with the biggest change being that the Squadron Supreme of America has replaced the Avengers as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, with the Avengers never having assembled in the first place. Seeing as how the SSA were already counterparts to the Justice League, this change has affected the rest of the world, injecting even more DC parallels into the Marvel Universe with heroes having been drastically altered.

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Much of Heroes Reborn #2 from writer Jason Aaron and artists Dale Keown and Carlos Magno focuses on the Squadron’s Hyperion, the Marvel universe’s Clark Kent analog. Despite being a mild-mannered history teacher, Marcus Milton secretly flies through the sky as the newly remade universe’s strongest hero, trapping many of his foes in the Negative Zone (just like Superman does in DC Comics with the Phantom Zone). Not only that, but a powerless Peter Parker serves as his best pal and official Hyperion photographer for the Daily Bugle (mirroring DC’s Jimmy Olsen at the Daily Planet).

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However, the most interesting (and tragic) DC parallel in Heroes Reborn thus far is Bruce Banner’s Incredible Hulk. While the volatile gamma monster had been trapped in the Negative Zone in this new universe alongside Hyperion’s other villains and major threats of the Squadron Supreme, there’s apparently been a large breakout. Somehow, Hulk found his way to Marcus Milton’s history classroom very confused, talking nonsensically to all of the frightened students. This is all pretty clearly done with the intention of depicting the Hulk as Marvel’s new version of Bizarro, the twisted Superman clone who speaks in the exact same way.


For some reason, it seems as though Hulk remembers the Marvel Universe as it was, just like Blade the Vampire Hunter. However, nothing Banner says is believed due to the nature of his speech, and Hyperion just thinks he’s crazy. Hulk and Hyperion begin to fight outside the school until Hyperion reached his limit, deciding he had no choice but to brutally kill the Incredible Hulk with his atomic vision, having to “kill” him over two dozen times before Hulk finally stayed dead. Once the deed was done, Hyperion had Hulk’s remains sent back to the Negative Zone.

While Hulk’s story in Heroes Reborn is extremely tragic and very brief, it is interesting that he became a counterpart to Bizarro. Both monsters do have a lot in common, like the fact they’re equally very misunderstood. Even in recent issues of DC Comics, Bizarro has become more of a hero like the Hulk with Red Hood and the Outlaws, even sacrificing himself to save his friends by becoming the new ruler of Hell. So it was certainly a great way to mirror Hyperion’s exploits as a warped mirror to Superman, though it’s sad that it came at the cost of the Hulk losing his life in this new issue of Heroes Reborn.

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