Is Cary Elwes’ Saw Villain In Spiral?

Will Cary Elwes’ Saw character appear in Spiral? Here’s what we know about Dr. Lawrence Gordon, and whether or not he’ll show up in the ninth movie.

Will Cary Elwes’ Saw character appear in Spiral? The anticipated 2021 movie is the first franchise installment not to feature the primary villain, John Kramer, a.k.a. Jigsaw, portrayed by Tobin Bell. Spiral does indeed take place in the same cinematic universe as Saw, but follows a different, copycat killer in the fictional location known as The City.

Elwes’ Dr. Lawrence Gordon is one of the victims in the 2004 movie Saw. He’s targeted by the dying Kramer/Jigaw because of his questionable morals and flippant attitude. By the climax, he decides not to kill Adam Stanheight (portrayed by screenwriter Leigh Whannell) and ultimately saws off his own foot. In the seventh franchise installment, Saw: The Final Chapter, it’s revealed that Dr. Gordon survived and was recruited by John Kramer to be his accomplice. Elwes’ character is tasked with looking after Kramer’s wife, who is subsequently killed by Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor). The franchise narrative comes full circle when Dr. Gordon chains Hoffman up and refuses to give him the saw that he once used to sever his own foot.

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Spiral’s official cast listing doesn’t include Elwes as Dr. Hoffman. The storyline follows detectives Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks (Chris Rock) and William Schenk (Max Minghella) as they investigate copycat crimes that were inspired by Jigsaw. Samuel L. Jackson co-stars as the leads’ superior, Marcus Banks, and Marisol Nichols rounds out the main cast as Captain Angie Garza. As it stands, Elwes’ last franchise appearance in Saw 7 wraps up his character arc from victim to villain.

Elwes may not appear in Spiral, but it’s highly probable that Dr. Gordon will be referenced by name. Just as Saw: The Final Chapter uses flashback sequences to connect the character to Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV, and Saw V, the ninth franchise installment could similarly do the same. If Elwes does have a cameo in Spiral, it would be in the filmmakers’ best interest to make it a surprise for audiences and thus leave the actor’s name off the official cast list.

Since Elwes remains a working actor, he may indeed appear in Spiral II if he doesn’t show up in the 2021 movie, especially as he’s been attached to more horror-centric fare in recent years. In 2019, the actor portrayed Mayor Larry Kline in Stranger Things. He also appeared that same year as Professor Gelson in the Black Christmas remake, and this year, he appeared in The Unholy as Bishop Gyles. As Dr. Lawrence Gordon is technically still an active killer within the Saw franchise, so don’t be surprised if he shows up in future installments. However, Elwes’ villain won’t appear in Spiral, at least based on what we know before the official release date.

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