Is Richard Gay? The Last Union Member’s Hidden Jupiter’s Legacy Story

Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 introduced Richard Conrad (Blue Bolt), but avoided confirming him being gay. We explain Richard’s hidden comic book story.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Jupiter’s Legacy.

Dr. Richard Conrad (aka, Blue Bolt) is the sixth and final founding member of the Union of Justice in Jupiter’s Legacy. As his title suggests, Richard was a medical doctor before becoming a superhero. Though his history and character weren’t really explored like that of his teammates’, there were hints in season 1 that Richard was gay and the comics offer a more expanded look at that aspect of his backstory. 

Unlike the rest of the Union’s members, Richard didn’t join Sheldon Sampson’s expedition to the mysterious and remote island that bestowed them with powers until it neared its end. The team found Richard shipwrecked and rescued him at sea; thereafter, he became the superhero Blue Bolt and the rest, as they say, is history. While Jupiter’s Legacy forgoes on the remainder of Richard’s story, there are clues suggesting the man who is with him (and who is ultimately lost at sea) is actually his romantic partner. This was the only indication that Richard was gay in season 1, though there’s a promise his backstory will be given more focus in a potential season 2. 

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In the Jupiter’s Circle comics, which documents more of the founding members of the Union’s past, Richard is revealed to be a closeted gay man who grapples with keeping both his superhero identity and his sexuality hidden from others. He comes from a wealthy San Francisco family who has deep political connections. Richard is based in Los Angeles and, in the 1950s and ‘60s, had many affluent friends in the entertainment industry, including the famous actress Katharine Hepburn, who knew Richard was gay and posited that he shouldn’t have to hide who he was from the public on the grounds that he was a superhero. 

jupiter's legacy blue bolt

Unfortunately, Richard being gay put him on the radar of then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who attempted to blackmail the superhero for information. Richard was threatened — he had to divulge the secret identities of his Union teammates or risk being publicly outed as a gay man. Blue Bolt did neither, but attempted suicide, thinking this would alleviate the situation, which left him feeling ashamed and despondent simply for being who he was. Luckily, Richard was saved by his teammate Fitz Small (aka, The Flare), with the rest of the Union confirming that it didn’t matter to them that he was gay. To stop Hoover from inflicting anymore harm, George Hutchence (aka, Skyfox) blackmailed him right back, threatening to reveal that Hoover himself was gay to the world if he didn’t leave Richard alone. Thereafter, Richard felt more free to be his true self. 

In the case of the series, Richard’s backstory is still a big mystery. He had the least amount of screen time when compared with the other Union members and all the audience members really know is that he was a superhero who is absent for unknown reasons in the present day. It’s unclear how Jupiter’s Legacy will tackle Richard’s history or the reveal that he’s gay in season 2, but there’s a lot of comic book history to draw from for when it’s finally time to do so. 

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