Lala Kent Reveals Why She & Her Fiance Haven’t Wed

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent explains the real reason her and fiance Randell Emmett haven’t gotten married yet, and says they may never do it.

Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is spilling the tea about why her and fiancé Randall Emmett haven’t tied the knot yet, and whether or not she thinks they ever will. Lala was a late addition to the popular reality show, but boy did she make her mark. She made her debut in season 4 and got on everyone’s nerves almost instantly. Everyone’s initial hatred towards her probably was a result of her friendship with James Kennedy, who virtually no one on the cast liked. She was also very sexually open and rubbed the other girls, especially Katie, the wrong way, when she went topless in front of their boyfriends while swimming in a lake. They have all made up now, but it was pretty ugly in the beginning.

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Before Lala was accepted into the group, there were constantly rumors swirling around that she was dating a married man. In order to keep Randall’s identity a secret at the time, Lala would only ever refer to him as my man. Throughout her second season on the show, Lala would frequently talk about her man paying for her to travel on private jets, and showed off the Range Rover he bought for her to the rest of the cast. The whole cast accused her of trading sexual favors for these things. Once she cleared up that he was legally separated from his wife, and that they were in a committed relationship, the cast backed off and they are all one big happy family now. Even their babies are best friends now.

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After keeping their relationship a secret for a while, Randall and Lala are now fully out in the open. The pair got engaged back in September 2018 and have yet to officially tie the knot. During a recent TV interview, Lala gave fans an insight into why they’ve waited this long to make the move. According to Lala, the first wedding was cancelled due to the pandemic, much like the weddings of millions of others around the globe. They wanted to wait until it was safe for their friends and family to come together before they set a new date. The couple tried two other times to plan the wedding, but it wasn’t coming together the way they wanted and it just didn’t feel right to them. Everyone should feel their wedding day is what they wanted, not that they settled.

Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules

Lala further explained that after waiting this long to pull the trigger on getting married, she is starting to wonder if a marriage is really the right move for her and Randall. She says she never wants her or Randall to feel stuck in the relationship because they signed a marriage license. If she or Randall ever want to end the relationship, she says without a marriage, they can just go their separate ways without any complications. She also now has her daughter to think about, and a divorce is never easy for a child to go through a divorce. Lala also joked that she no longer needs to get married to have access to Randall’s money, since they now share their daughter Ocean together.

With the new season of Vanderpump Rules staring filming soon, it will be cool to see Lala and Randall in their new role as parents. Married or not, the two still share a life together, now more than ever. Their cast member Scheana also had a daughter recently, so it will be interesting to see if motherhood brings Scheana and Lala together. They have not been the best of friends and have butted heads over the years, but motherhood could change that. The two could be brought together, given the fact that the other castmates with children either left or were fired from the show. Find out if Lala and Randall get married, or if Lala and Scheana bury the hatchet on the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules, which will hopefully air soon.

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