Marvel’s Flash is So Much Faster Than Quicksilver, It Killed Him

Quicksilver died trying to outrun Marvel’s fastest man alive, Blur, leading him to become the Silver Witch’s number one target.

Warning! Spoilers for Heroes Reborn #3 by Marvel Comics below.

Marvel’s version of the Flash, Blur, is getting blamed for the death of Quicksilver, leading the fallen speedster’s sister to try to capture the new fastest man alive. In a new preview for Heroes Reborn #3, Blur attempts to evade the Silver Witch, but his efforts prove futile, as the chaos magic-wielding sorceress finds a way to stop him.

The newest Heroes Reborn event from Marvel Comics essentially imagines what would happen if the heroes from the Justice League became Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Using the Squadron Supreme – originally conceived as pastiches of the DC superteam – the superteam has taken over the Marvel Universe under mysterious circumstances, as the Avengers never formed. Leading the team is Hyperion, Marvel’s answer to Superman, who just killed Galactus, the Hulk, and Ultron as a number of villains escaped the Negative Zone prison. Hyperion – who escaped his planet as an infant on a rocket after Galactus tried to devour it and also recently fought the escapees of the Bottled City of Annihilation – seems to be somehow behind the changes.

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In a new preview of Heroes Reborn #3 (courtesy of AIPT) by Jason Aaron, Frederico Vicentini, and Matt Milla, Marvel’s Blur takes center stage. Originally named the Whizzer in his original Squadron days, the character is known as the Blur in this new Marvel Universe. He’s first seen fighting the mutant bear Ursa Major in Grizzly City (Gorilla City, anyone?), but the story quickly shifts to the hero being chased by the Silver Witch. The wise-cracking speedster live streams the chase, telling his audience he’s fighting against one of his main rogues, the Speedster Supreme.

Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn

Blur tells the viewers the Silver Witch blames him for the death of Quicksilver, who he says died burning alive when he tried to outrun him during the Squadron vs. the X-Men incident. Silver Witch, who absorbed her brother’s powers after his death, successfully knocks Blur to the ground and when he awakens, she tells him he’s going to die just like her brother did, “on your feet and screaming.” Silver Witch seems to be using Quicksilver’s speed ghost as her weapon.

Heroes Reborn

With the combined powers of the Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver, Blur is going to have a very difficult time freeing himself from the Speedster Supreme. Silver Witch wants him dead for his role in ending Quicksilver’s life and wants him to die screaming. Whether Marvel’s Flash can use his speed to get out of this jam is uncertain. Readers will find out more when Heroes Reborn #3 comes to comic book stores next Wednesday.

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Source: AIPT

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