Meadow Lanes bowling results | Lewiston Sun Journal

WILTON —Tuesday Night Mixed Summer League, May 4

Men’s High Game scratch: Mike Crandall 223, Frank Cushman 204, CJ Bullen 197

Mens High Series scratch: Frank Cushman 556, Mike Crandall 517, Ryan Cushman 499

Mens High Game handicap: Martin Hamner 284, Frank Cushman 273. Mike Crandall 256

Mens High Series handicap: Frank Cushman 763, Martin Hamner 720, John Gregoire 658

Women High Game scratch: Cathy Walton 142. Stephanie Millay 126, Judy Cubby 119.

Women’s High Series scratch: Cathy Walton 398. Stephanie Millay 371, Judy Cubby 306

Women’s High Game handicap: Stephanie Millay 225. Cathy Walton 204, Judy Cubby 192

Women’s High Series handicap: Stephanie Millay 668. Cathy Walton 584, Judy Cubby 525

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