The Main Characters Ranked By Fighting Ability

When it comes to the best yokai anime set in Feudal Japan, very few top the beloved series Inuyasha. Adapted by Rumiko Takahashi from his own manga series of the same name, the story concerns the titular half-demon warrior who, with the help of 15-year-old Kagome Higurashi, must keep the almighty Shikon jewel away from evil demonic forces to keep the universe intact.

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According to the Inuyasha canon, there are six to nine main characters, 10 supporting characters, and roughly a dozen antagonists. Each has its own distinct arsenal and unique set of fighting skills. In terms of the good guys, here are the best fighters of the bunch.

9 Myoga

Myoga with bug eyes in Inuyasha

More of a guardian and spy operative than a formidable fighter, Myoga straddles the line between a main and supporting character. The flea yokai began working for Toga before becoming Inuyasha’s assistant and secret informant upon his resurrection.

Unfortunately, Myoga hasn’t many fighting abilities. His main skill is sucking poison from his allies and saving their lives without being harmed. He can also imbibe poison and create antitoxins, and break spells by drinking human or yokai blood. With superhuman durability and extreme jumping skills, Myoga uses his tiny stature to infiltrate rivals and gather intel.

8 Kirara

Kirara yawns in Inuyasha

Appearing as a cute kitten with two tails, Kirara is the loyal companion of Sango. The cat demon is an example of nekomata, a mythological Japanese creature. In addition to her combat prowess, Kirara can grow into a saber-tooth-sized cat big enough to transport several allies.

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In addition to flying and being impervious to fire, Kirara has pyrokinetic abilities that help her fight. With upgraded speed, strength, durability, and stamina, Kirara uses all of her skills to fight and defend herself en route to becoming the lone survivor of the village of demon slayers.

7 Shippo

Shippo alone outside in Inuyasha

In the guise of a small boy, Shippo is a foxlike yokai with a heart of gold. After failing to steal the Shikon Jewel, Inuyasha and Kagome welcome the orphaned Shippo into their group. Although he’s likely the weakest of all main characters, he makes up for it by being more cunning than others.

Shippo uses extremely sharp fangs to fatally bite his enemies. When that doesn’t work, he launches firebombs in their direction. However, Shippo’s biggest weapon is tricking his enemies into believing they’re experiencing pain by using Fox Magic. He uses Spinning Tops, Snake Toy Transformation, Hidden Clouds, and the Jizo Statue to trick his opponents.

6 Kaede

Kaede wears eye-patch in Inuyasha

Kaede is a supporting, borderline main character who was the first to meet Kagome in her native village of Bone-Eater’s Well. The elderly human priestess provides spiritual counsel and key information to Inuyasha and his team.

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Despite her advancing age, Kaede boasts a multitude of intense fighting techniques. As a master archer, Kaede’s trademark weapon is a longbow and arrows, including a Sealing Arrow that can trap a demon too powerful to kill. Kaede also uses various magic spells to parry demons, including Sutra Magic, a Spiritual Barrier that provides a protective forcefield, and the Subjugation Spell to make Inuyasha do as Kagome pleases.

5 Miroku

Miroku with his back turned in Inuyasha

Miroku is an 18-year-old Buddhist monk who rounds the country, performing exorcisms and demon slayings. While much of his fighting power is derived from harnessing spiritual energy, he also has a pair of signature weapons to defeat his enemies.

With peak physical prowess, Miroku channels immense spiritual vibrations to slay demons. When that fails to work, Miroku uses his trusty Shakujo staff to physically defeat his foes. Miroku is also proficient in wielding sacred sutras, sharp pieces of paper that he throws at his enemies like knives. In top form, Miroku can place the sutras atop the Shakujo staff to create a doubly powerful weapon.

4 Sango

Sango rides Kirara while fighting in Inuyasha

Sango is a 16-year-old demon slayer with a slew of fighting techniques under her belt. She’s an expert hand-to-hand combatant and a blacksmith who fashions her own weapons. She also has an extrasensory perception to go with peak human conditioning.

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Sango’s signature fighting weapon is a large boomerang comprised of demon bones called the Hiraikotsu. Sango’s arsenal also includes the Wakizashi Sword, Iron Chain, and Hidden Blade she uses to slay demons. Also a poison expert, Sango creates a toxic salve to fight demons with, which she protects herself from by using a Filter Mask and homemade remedies. Sango also uses Nioidama, caustic smoke/stink bombs that kill smaller yokai.

3 Kikyo

Kikyo shoots arrow in Inuyasha

As Inuyasha’s former lover who sacrificed herself after being tricked by Naraku, Kikyo is one of the most complicated characters in the series. She’s also one of the most ferocious fighters with unparalleled powers.

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With unfathomably awesome spiritual abilities, Kikyo can kill an enemy with a single touch. She can create Shikigami humanoids to act as her servants and fight on her behalf, as well as command serpent-like shinidamachu demons that can fly and steal souls from the living. Much like Kagome, Kikyo also a bow to shoot Sacred Arrows that can harness spiritual energy to demolish enemies, break spells, purify objects, raze buildings, and more.

2 Kagome Higurashi

Kagome shoots arrow in Inuyasha

With extreme spiritual abilities matched only by Kikyo, Kagome Higurashi uses almighty sorcery in conjunction with her archery expertise to slay hordes of evil yokai. Kagome can conjure balls of energy in her palms to defend herself.

Kagome can also tap into her enemies’ energy source and use it against them without sapping her own. She can create time barriers and protective forcefields and use extrasensory perception to stay one step ahead of her foes. However, Kagome is most proficient as an archer and marksman. Using her trademark bow and arrow, she can shoot spiritually charged Sacred Arrows, which come with two distinct attack modes: the Sacred Wind Scar and Sacred Backlash Wave.

1 Inuyasha

Inuyasha wields sword in Inuyasha

It comes as no surprise that the title character has the best fighting abilities. Indeed, the half-demon warrior Inuyasha boasts a unique and unmatched quiver of weaponry to go along with his inherent demonic powers.

While the demonic powers are too lengthy to list, one of his natural weapons includes razor-sharp claws that can instantly slay a demon. In addition to being an expert swordsman and hand-to-hand fighter, Inuyasha is known for his fireproof, self-regenerating Robe of the Fire Rat, his almighty Tessaiga sword that can absorb demonic energy, and the sword’s protective sheath that can reflect energy can create a barrier.

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