The Nevers: The Meaning Of Mary’s Song, Explained

In The Nevers, Myrtle Haplisch, and the others at the orphanage, translate Mary Brighton’s last song before her death, but what does it mean?

In The Nevers episode 4, “Undertaking,” the meaning of Mary Brighton’s song is revealed. Myrtle Haplisch, known for her “turn” of speaking various languages in a single sentence, communicates to Primrose Chattoway that she understood Mary’s song that fateful day in the park. Along with the aid of  Harriet Kaur and a foreign embassy of the orphanage’s residents, they help Myrtle translate Mary’s song. Yet, knowing the translation of a still cryptic song only reveals so much, so what is the meaning behind the lyrics?

After they decode the song, Myrtle, Primose, and Harriet bring the information to Amalia True and Penance Adair. Prior to presenting the meaning of Mary’s final song before her death, Harriet surprises Amalia with the announcement that the song is for Amalia, their fearless leader. Harriet reads: “You are not alone. Amalia, my lonely soldier. I didn’t leave you. I went inside the city, I was damaged, incomplete. I had to heal. Soon we will all be ready. But it’s dark. There’s a darkness. Gather and protect each other because of the dark. Find me, let them help, those who will. Come below and find me. Come before the dark and we can save-” The translation brings Amalia to tears, but there is clearly a deeper meaning.

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The song references the glowing orb spotted in the cavern in episode 2 that Dr. Hague and Lavinia Bidlow are trying to dig up: “I went inside the city, I was damaged.” The song indicates that the orb is healing, and the first-person recount of events hints that the orb, or whoever pilots it, is sentient and knows Amalia. The secrecy surrounding Amalia True and her identity has proven pivotal to the overall plot of The Nevers. There’s already speculation that Amalia is part of the alien spaceship responsible for The Touched, or at least came with it, and this song provides further proof.

Amalia in The Nevers

From the beginning, Amalia makes it clear that she is on a mission, and she was sent on this mission, though she has been tight-lipped regarding who sent her. She alludes to secrets and something bigger than herself. Earlier in the season, she says things like: “This isn’t my face” and “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” She talks of funerals not existing where she’s from. She makes it clear that she is not who she appears to be and is not from the same time or place as the others. The reveal of Mary’s song speaking directly to Amalia, with Mary acting as a vessel for someone else’s words, contributes to the build-up of an even bigger revelation. It appears that more devastation awaits The Touched as war lingers on the horizon, but there is hope.

In a world where secrets abound, The Nevers continues to echo the cries of war, with Amalia at the helm. So far, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the song clearly touches Amalia, letting her know that though she feels alone now, there will soon be assistance for this “lonely soldier.” Hopefully, when Amalia reconnects with whoever, or whatever, lies underground in London, she will supply her troops with the powerful weapon of knowledge.

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