Valheim Giant Anglerfish Build Makes Players Fantasize Of Ocean Boss

An impressively terrifying Valheim Anglerfish build has fans of the survival sandbox title clamoring for the addition of an underwater boss.

An impressive Valheim build has left players dreaming of an underwater boss for the survival sandbox title. Valheim, created by Iron Gate Studio and released as an early access title in February, tasks players with surviving in the harsh Viking-inspired wilderness. The game continues to receive support from its developers in the form of frequent free updates.

As a sandbox title, Valheim promotes creativity by giving players a myriad of tools with which they may build any number of impressive structures. Many of these creations are extremely impressive, such as the Troll-powered Valheim tank recently shown on Reddit. This destructive creation forgoes the game’s Viking aesthetic in favor of modern military hardware, with the operators’ seats occupied by deadly Troll and Lox creatures. While the build was supposedly accomplished using some mods, the level of detail and innovation is still very impressive. The same Valheim architect referred to as VIXTOR, also created another notable build in the form of an awesome punk rock skeleton. The rocking creation comes complete with a mohawk, flaming eyes and a lit-up electric guitar.

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A brand-new Valheim build from VIXTOR, revealed on Reddit by Arreksis, shows off an amazing and terrifying anglerfish monster. The deep-sea monstrosity is said to live down in the depths of Valheim‘s waters, but this unlucky specimen somehow washed ashore. The comments on Arreksis’ post began to clamor for the addition of an underwater boss, similar to VIXTOR’s creation, to the open-world survival title.

While fan creations are plentiful amongst Valheim‘s young but dedicated player base, official updates from Iron Gate Studio continue to expand the title in a more official capacity. Valheim‘s most recent update released on Steam, and the new version of the game comes complete with new enemy designs and bug fixes. The game’s iconic Troll creatures received a visual upgrade, and an issue with the physics of their clothing material was also fixed. Other large monsters, like Valheim‘s terrifying bosses, were also given visual upgrades through the update. Other small updates, like a fix for the harpoon’s physics and an adjustment for the inventory screen, were also included in the patch.

Despite still being in an early access stage of development, Valheim has quickly assembled a large and loyal player base. The survival sandbox title has attracted those interested in its Norse aesthetic and open-ended gameplay, with both elements attracting a variety of gamers. As Iron Gate Studio continues to support the game with new content, players such as VIXTOR will continue creating beautiful art using the game’s variety of tools.

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Valheim is available now in early access on PC.

Source: Reddit/Arreksis

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