What Happened To Slider After Top Gun

Exclusive: Rick Rossovich shares details about his character Slider’s time as a commercial pilot after the events of the classic 1986 film Top Gun.

Slider actor, Rick Rossovich, shares what happened to his character after the events of Top Gun. The long-awaited sequel to the classic film would have been released already if it wasn’t due to various delays, some COVID-related and some due to the complexity of the flight sequences. Top Gun: Maverick, set to debut this fall, will see the return of a few characters from the original, though a Slider cameo is currently up in the air.

Released in 1986, the classic flight film starred Tom Cruise as the young and cocky, yet likable naval aviator, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. While Top Gun debuted to a mixed response from critics, it was universally praised for its intense aerial action and performances. The film also had an emotional through-line that saw the death of Maverick’s partner, Goose (Anthony Edwards), for which he felt responsible. Top Gun also starred Val Kilmer as the antagonist, Iceman, and Rick Rossovich as his co-pilot, Slider, both of whom appear in the film’s memorable shirtless beach volleyball scene.

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Now, Rossovich is sharing what happened to Slider after the events of Top Gun. While the long-awaited sequel will see the return of Cruise as Maverick and Kilmer as Iceman, it is unclear whether or not Slider will make an appearance in Top Gun: Maverick. In an interview with Screen Rant ahead of Top Gun‘s 35th-anniversary rerelease in theaters, Rossovich revealed where Slider’s aviation career took him after Top Gun:

He became a commercial pilot, and he was flying LAX to Heathrow on a 747 for most of the time. Then he went to the Dreamliners. I think he’s had a great life, and he’s really enjoyed the memories.

Though Slider’s time as a commercial pilot will unlikely be explored in the sequel, Rossovich could appear in a brief cameo as Slider. He recently played coy when asked about a possible appearance in Top Gun: Maverick, saying that Slider “might show up in the sequel.” Since Rossovich would neither confirm nor deny a Slider cameo, fans will have to wait and see. Since Iceman will be returning, it isn’t a stretch to think his former co-pilot will as well.

Regarding Ron “Slider” Kerner’s life after Top Gun, it is nice to hear the character is likely living a relatively peaceful life as a commercial pilot. It will be also interesting to see if Rossovich shows up for a Top Gun: Maverick cameo or if Slider’s storyline will be mentioned. Or maybe Rossovich is just having a little fun with his character’s backstory.

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  • Top Gun: Maverick/Top Gun 2 (2021)Release date: Nov 19, 2021

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