Why Mass Effect Legendary Edition Keeps Crashing On Xbox

Some Mass Effect Legendary Edition players are running into repeated crashes on Xbox. For now, there’s a quick but inconvenient fix for the issue.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out of as May 14, and some Xbox players have already run into a serious bug – one preventing them from playing due to repeated crashes. EA is aware of the situation and has provided a short-term fix for the constant Mass Effect Legendary Edition crashes.

Legendary Edition combines the first three Mass Effect games, polishing their graphics and gameplay to match 2021 standards. The heaviest work was done on the first game, which dates back to 2007 and had its systems significantly overhauled in Mass Effect 2. Improvements include smoother combat, a universal character creator, and better Mako rover physics, but certain Xbox owners are having a hard time accessing any of it.

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Affecting the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, the bug kicks players out to the dashboard if accessories like wireless headsets are connected, EA explained in a forum post. The publisher said it’s cooperating with Microsoft on a patch, but in the meantime, the only sure workaround is avoiding “any extra peripherals” except wired headphones. It may be O.K. to connect a wireless headset once one of the Mass Effect title screens is loaded, but returning to the overarching launcher will trigger another crash. At the moment, EA isn’t offering a timeline for the patch beyond “ASAP.”

Are Other Versions Of Mass Effect Legendary Edition Crashing?

Mass Effect 3 Reaper Invasion

Less serious crashes and/or black screens may also be affecting PC players, MGW suggests. Some suggested solutions include updating graphics drivers, disabling anti-virus software, or enabling Administrator privileges in Windows, if they aren’t already on. Though it’s rare, anti-virus apps can sometimes block games because they don’t recognize their executables.

The day-one patch for Mass Effect Legendary Edition deals with an assortment of stability and performance-related problems, also fixing issues with some of the game’s enhanced graphical features, like ambient occlusion effects. Modern game studios often send games to manufacturing and then use the gap before launch to clean up problems missed or not prioritized during earlier QA testing. Gamers have often complained about the practice, since it means the first hours of owning a game are often wasted on patching it, and some ISPs impose data caps that multi-gigabyte updates can easily break when combined with music, video streaming, and remote work. When EA and Microsoft are finished with the Mass Effect crashing issue, it looks like Xbox owners will have yet another patch to download.

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