10 Guest Fighters That Should Appear In Netherrealm’s Marvel Fighting Game

With the rumors and hints of Netherrealm Studios developing a Marvel fighting game, fans are excited. There are plenty of stories to tell using a fighting game format. Of course, there are the fans speculating as to which iconic Marvel characters end up joining the roster.

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However, like with Netherrealm’s other franchises: Mortal Kombat and Injustice, the speculation of guest characters is always even more exciting. The guest characters are usually the biggest draws to buying DLC and with Marvel, there are many choices out there that would get fans pumped to buy a deluxe edition.

10 Overseer (David Dunn)

David Dunn as Overseer standing in the rain in Unbreakable

Though Glass mostly delivered on being an Unbreakable sequel, many hoped to see more of Bruce Willis’ David Dunn do more superhero work. A video game seems like the best option for that and is likely the closest fans will get to see Bruce Willis join the Marvel universe.

Overseer’s unbreakable body lends him to having many defensive abilities such as imperviousness to projectile attacks via special move. As an option, Overseer could also work as a DLC Premier Skin for a character like Luke Cage.

9 Captain Jack Sparrow

Considering Marvel is owned by Disney, there are many Disney characters to use. Why not everyone’s favorite bumbling pirate? Jack Sparrow’s swords, flintlocks, and quirky humor could make for one of Netherrealm’s most unique characters.

To have him able to fight the Avengers, there are many artifacts and elements from the many Pirates Of The Caribbean movies to implement. The cursed coins, the trident of Poseidon, Blackbeard’s magic sword, and more. Jack Sparrow’s always witty dialogue with the many Marvel characters would just be icing on the cake.

8 Casey Jones

3D artwork of Casey Jones by Ricardo Vultos

Since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got their chance to shine in Injustice 2, there are other characters from that universe who Netherrealm could toy with. The whole TMNT franchise was originally a parody of Marvel comics, to begin with. That alone could make for some fun inside jokes in dialogue.

However, Casey Jones’ use of sports equipment would fit perfectly to create a unique combat system. Of course, Casey lends to a Netherrealm-style gear system with his mask, weapons, and overall design.

7 Darth Vader

This would not be Darth Vader’s first time being a guest fighter. Vader, Yoda, and Starkiller were all guest characters in Soul Calibur IV. Sure, it doesn’t make much sense why Vader’s lightsaber wouldn’t just cut through Iron Man’s armor like butter, one could say the same thing about Captain America’s shield.

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Darth Vader has remained an iconic character after over forty years. This due to his imposing presence, tragic backstory, and immense power; all of which could make for a powerhouse of a guest character. With Netherrealm’s form of gameplay, Vader would make his Soul Calibur counterpart seem like nothing.

6 Ellen Ripley

Ellen Ripley in Aliens

The chances of more Alien and Predator characters joining Mortal Kombat dwindled after being bought by Disney. However, with Marvel making new Alien comics, that universe could crossover with Marvel. Since the always-terrifying Xenomorph was in Mortal Kombat X, a more obvious choice would be Ripley.

The quintessential strong female lead wielding a pulse rifle/flamethrower combo, some military training, and likely a power loader as a special move: Ripley could be another beloved DLC character. Sigourney Weaver has also been revisiting the character in video game form such as with Alien: Isolation.

5 Invincible

Invincible mark grayson amazon prime video

After the first season of the adult animated series on Amazon Prime, the Invincible property is more popular than ever. Though Invincible would likely fit better in Mortal Kombat due to the gory nature of both worlds, Invincible facing off against the likes of Spider-Man and the Hulk is too appealing to deny.

It would be a great way to promote future seasons of Invincible but showcase the character to an even wider audience who may not watch the show or read the original comics. In terms of gameplay, he would essentially be this game’s equivalent to Superman but hopefully, less cheap.

4 Men In Black Agent

Will Smith in Men in Black

Most might not know this but the Men In Black movies are based on Marvel comics. If Marvel and Sony make a deal to include Spider-Man, there is equal opportunity for the Men In Black. The easiest option would be a random agent the player can customize any way they want. However, with Premier Skins, there is potential for likenesses of Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Chris Hemsworth, or Tessa Thompson.

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A Men In Black agent could also have many abilities and skills; stun moves with the Neuralyzer, the many space guns they use, and anything else seen in the films and comics. If done right, a Men In Black agent could prove to be the best of the best of the best.

3 Ahsoka Tano

Mandalorian 02x05 Ahsoka Tano

Similar to Harley Quinn from DC, Ahsoka was a side character added to an animated series that became an overnight sensation. Now Ahsoka Tano is one of the most beloved Jedi and is even getting her own live-action series starring Rosario Dawson.

So obviously, adding Ahsoka Tano with the likeness and voice of Rosario Dawson would be the perfect promotion for the Disney+ series. Ahsoka is also a much more nimble fighter, allowing for even more combo strings than Darth Vader would.

2 Tron

Fortnite Tron Crossover

Despite both Tron films being box office flops, Tron still has quite the cult following. In video game form, the Tron franchise could easily thrive since it technically is about a video game world anyway. The obvious choice would be Tron since he is the warrior who fights for humans in his world.

Of course, with Premier Skins, there could be an option for Jeff Bridges’ Flynn/Clu as well. Add the light cycles, identity discs, and plenty of gear options, Tron could be a surprise hit of a character. Tron has already crossed over into Fortnite, so there’s no excuse as why not a Marvel game.

1 Din Djarin

the mandalorian din djarin

Of all Star Wars characters, everyone is going to want the new beloved icon of the franchise: Din Djarin from The Mandalorian. His Beskar armor, spear, the Dark Saber, and many weapons combined with his fighting skills make him the perfect Star Wars character to join a Mortal Kombat-style fighting game.

With all of his weapons, Din Djarin could attack the opponent from any range. With the many designs for Mandalorian armor in the Star Wars universe, the potential for customization is nearly endless as well. Find a way to add Grogu as a special move and Din Djarin would easily make the game a fortune.

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