10 Most Rewatchable Friends Episodes

In a golden age of television with a plethora of streaming services out there offering just about every popular show imaginable at one click, binging and rewatching shows constantly has become the norm. This is something that has played right into the hands of a show like Friends, which is not only adored by fans and successful but so easy to watch.

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It has retained its popularity and rewatchability like few shows manage over fifteen years after their end, and a huge part of that is how funny the episodes are and how easy they are to digest. For a variety of moods and easy watching, Friends is the perfect rewatch, with certain episodes sticking out in that regard.

10 The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate

The Friends pilot is so fantastic, kicking off an adored ten-season show in a great way, with “The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate” being one of the most obvious rewatchable episodes.

It is so chill and easy to digest while also being hilarious with the likes of Chandler and Joey. It perfectly introduces us to the six characters, to the main iconic locations, and perfectly sets up the tone for the rest of the show. “The One With The Blackout” also deserves a shoutout for being so rewatchable and being perhaps the best episode of this first season.

9 The One With All The Resolutions

“The One With All The Resolutions” sees the gang all set New Year’s resolutions for themselves, which are pretty much all impossible to do for them, making for some hilarious moments.

Chandler is trying not to insult anyone, Rachel is trying not to gossip, Phoebe wanting to fly a plane, and, of course, Ross is trying a new thing every day. The entire stretch of the episode with Ross and the leather pants is physical comedy at its finest, making the episode so memorable and rewatchable.

8 The One Where They All Turn Thirty

Rachel's 30th birthday party in Friends

Cutting from Rachel’s thirtieth birthday in which she becomes scared about her future to the rest of the gang’s thirtieth birthday experiences makes “The One Where They All Turn Thirty” a great watch.

Each of the gang’s birthdays is hilarious in different ways, from Monica’s drunken state to Joey’s deals with God to Phoebe and the space hopper. Other than Rachel dumping Tag, it does not have tonnes of long-term narrative impact; it is just a funny, well-put-together watch.

7 The One In Vegas

Friends’ two-part season 5 finale sees two of Friends’ best episodes come to fruition, with the gang all deciding to fly out to Las Vegas together.

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Most storylines within the two episodes are great, and it is full of hilarious moments that make it one of the best season finales just to put on to rewatch. The highlights are, of course, Ross and Rachel’s prank war and drunk antics, which lead them to get married, as well as Chandler and Monica’s big fight, turned near engagement.

6 The One With The Proposal

Friends Monica Chandler proposal

Most of the rewatchable episodes of Friends are such because they are hilarious and easy to digest. “The One With The Proposal” is far more emotional and leaves even the strongest fans in tears.

The whole episode is tense as Chandler’s initial proposal plan goes wrong. But it is all so worth it for that final few moments, the beautiful proposal at the end. The whole episode is so rewatchable purely because of that moment; it is one of the best-done pieces of romance in the entire show.

5 The One Where Everyone Finds Out

Chandler and Phoebe almost kiss in season 5 of Friends

Sticking with the relationship of Monica and Chandler, the two sneaking around led to some amazing moments. Still, the very best of the bunch was pretty much the entire episode of “The One Where Everyone Finds Out.”

Phoebe and Rachel decide to have fun with the couple, while the couple decides to have fun back, with Joey confused and annoyed in the middle of it all. The whole sequence with Phoebe and Chandler’s awkward date is as iconic as it is funny, with the final moments of not only Monica and Chandler saying they love one another but Ross accidentally finding out, making it all the much better.

4 The One Where No One’s Ready

Friends Joey wearing all of Chandler's clothes

“The One Where No One’s Ready” is not a crucial episode as it pertains to the overall story of the season or show and does not have a massive impact on the character’s lives. Yet still, it is one of the show’s very best and most rewatchable episodes.

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Revolving around Ross’ need for everyone to get ready for his museum’s black-tie event, the episode sees tensions rise, leading to not only funny moments but some of the series’ best, such as Chandler wearing all of Joey’s clothes. It is a brilliantly done race against the clock and one of the best episodes to choose as a one-off to rewatch in the show.

3 The One With The Prom Video

Ross and Rachel’s relationship has a couple of rewatchable episodes under its belt, but the best in terms of quality and rewatchability is “The One With The Prom Video.”

The gang watches what seems to be just a fun throwback to Rachel and Monica’s prom but actually ends up watching Ross showing how much he cared for Rachel as he prepares to take her to prom herself after her date seemed to stand her up. The episode is the birthplace of the entire lobster phenomenon and some jokes and Rachel and Monica’s expense. It also kicked off Rachel and Ross’s first relationship as Rachel gets up and kisses Ross in one of the show’s most iconic moments.

2 Pick A Thanksgiving

Friends has a handful of Thanksgiving episodes, and they are all rewatchable, with a couple being some of the best stuff the show ever produced in its decade run.

“The One With The Rumour” sees Brad Pitt’s appearance in the show and is hilarious from start to finish. “The One With All The Thanksgivings” is a great episode that shows various amazing Thanksgiving moments. “The One Where Ross Got High” has the famous trifle. Other Thanksgiving episodes offer stuff like Chandler being in a box for Joey, the Geller cup football game, Monica and Chandler finding out they will have a baby, and more. Each one of them has a lot to offer and are season one-offs that are so great to sit and rewatch.

1 The One With All The Embryo’s

Joey, Chandler, Rachel and Monica playing a quiz

“The One With The Embryos” sees Phoebe begin the process of having Frank and Alice’s babies by undergoing the embryo implant procedure, but as touching as the ending reveals of her being pregnant is, that is not what makes the episode so rewatchable.

The quiz pitting Chandler and Joey against Rachel and Monica to either win the apartment or see the Chick and Duck given away is one of the most brilliant things ever done in Friends. It is infinitely rewatchable and never ceases to be hilarious. Phoebe’s story adds a lot to the episode emotionally, but the quiz makes it such a great episode to just sit and watch at any time.

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