All the Times Hannah Berner Offended Castmates & Fans

Hannah Berner has become the most notorious Summer House cast member. Find out why she’s in hot water with viewers and castmates.

Hannah Berner from Summer House is controversial, and we’re here to discuss the times she’s rubbed viewers (and her castmates) the wrong way. Hannah is a native New Yorker who debuted on the hit Bravo TV show in 2019. She was presented as the seemingly innocent girl-turned-wild child. The season 5 reunion just aired, and at the reunion, fans saw Hannah defending herself. She was being attacked by her castmates. Summer House features a house filled with young and power-hungry entrepreneurs. Therefore, it’s no surprise that drama crops up and certain castmates get slapped with villain labels. The summertime friends have had their share of spats. Right now, it’s Hannah who can’t seem to shed her negative image.

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Hannah has also been having a hard time away from The Hamptons timeshare. Her recent engagement to Des Bishop, who is an Irish-American comedian, stirred up some controversy. One issue that’s gotten attention is their sixteen-year age gap (he’s 45 and she’s 29). Her castmates had lots to say about their relationship, which understandably upset the Berning In Hell podcast host Hannah. She uses her comedy podcast as an outlet, and it’s currently available across several streaming platforms. Her podcast has been successful. It features guest interviews with other reality TV stars, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. Guests chat about their own tough times in their respective niches. However, Hannah’s success may not last due to the things she’s said lately.

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Things started going south for Hannah during Summer House season 4. That was when she developed feelings for the Minnesota transplant, Luke Gulbranson. During this time, Hannah was battling her emotions. She was torn between continuing a casual relationship with her friend Armand and falling for Luke’s chiseled good looks. She eventually chose to be with Luke. They unabashedly consummated their relationship… and kept everyone in the house awake all night. The fling heard throughout the home offended Hannah’s castmates. It caused a lot of friction between Hannah and Amanda Batula. However, it also caused a huge rift between Hannah and her best friend Paige Desorbo (who’s since been accused of enabling Hannah’s behavior). Hannah refused to heed Paige’s advice, which was to avoid dating Luke. Thankfully, Paige and Hannah were able to mend their friendship.

Hannah Berner Summer House

Apparently, dating Luke was like taking a dose of bad medicine, as everything spiraled downward for Hannah after she got together with him. She recently found herself apologizing for brushing off Luke’s concerns when he admitted to living with mental illness. He was experiencing suicidal ideation and Hannah characterized that as a cry for attention. She did so on the Puddles With Andrew Collin podcast. Even though she considers herself a mental health advocate, her dismissal of such a serious issue made her lose a podcast sponsorship. The counseling service Better Help decided to pull its support for Hannah once they learned of the controversy.

During the explosive two-part reunion for season 5, viewers watched Hannah and Kyle Cooke storm off the set in tears. They left in frustration as tensions hit a crisis point on the stage. Kyle dragged Hannah for leaving Amanda out of her engagement announcement. The rest of the cast have also exposed Hannah for her alleged sexcapades with Des. The newly engaged couple was accused of getting intimate in Kyle and Amanda’s private bathroom. Cast member and project manager Danielle Olivera confirmed that Hannah and Des got cozy in a dirty laundry room. However, what really had the house up in arms was Des’ motive for appearing on the show. When Hannah learned that her friends suspected Des of using her to raise his profile, that blew any friend connections wide open. Will Hannah Berner return to Summer House for season 6? Only time will tell.

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Summer House airs weekly on Bravo TV.

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